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Oct 31, 2012

Campaign ads hammer voters, like waves on Jersey shore

Don't take prescription medication and sit down to watch the flood of ugly, angry, downright weird US election ads. Let Crikey's man-at-large do it for you.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


On TV, Barack Obama is in Jersey talking at a shelter centre. He’s looking exhausted, sounding like death. Not down, but so tired that his usual studious voice becomes ponderous: “These people will be going through days or weeks or months of hard times.”


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12 thoughts on “Campaign ads hammer voters, like waves on Jersey shore

  1. wilful

    is this a cry for help, Guy?

  2. susan winstanley

    Shades of Hunter S!

  3. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    I’m crossing that river
    Going to the store
    I’m crossing that river
    Until I can’t cross no more

    I don’t know – that’s pretty sucky as a coda, but it might work as the bridge.

  4. paddy

    Only a week to go Guy. Hang tough, chew that pillow and hope to Dog the booze holds out. It sounds like Armageddon and probably is.

  5. ianjohnno1

    Whatever they are diluting that vodka with, I want some.

  6. Clytie

    Assuming you survive the election, Guy, I hope your next stop is somewhere with decent healthcare, because you’ll need it. 😉

    Also, no good (or aspiring) song should be without a score. It’ll give you a target for your medically cranked-up mind, and it’s much easier these days (vs. handwritten). Try GarageBand, also available on iPad. Publish here, and we’ll critique, er, applaud.

  7. Wombat

    So… Rundle is getting paid to get pissed in a motel, watch TV, and write about times he got high? Boring. I can get that for free at the local Greens branch, and perv on sexy activists at the same time.

    Snap out of it, Rundle, and start writing something worth reading.

  8. J Rad

    You’ve really outdone yourself with the article title this time Rundle.

  9. michael r james

    Well, Sandy certainly seems like the real October surprise. Just the sheer scale of it. It has to favour Obama –with the unlikely proviso that he doesn’t somehow screw up the looking Presidential thing. I reckon there is more likelihood of Romney or his supporters blundering, indeed his record on FEMA may see more airtime once disaster etiquette permits.
    Then there is Gov. Christie with his effusive praise for Obama. Some bloggers claim this makes him a RINO (no fat jokes please! Republican In Name Only) but really he is just playing the same game: playing it safe. He has no intention of being the dumb Republican who makes the wrong move in a national crisis.
    BUT, how about a real October surprise. Christie is a Republican governor in a state that is federally blue. As gov. he has the power to more or less cancel the election (well, delay it on the grounds of state of emergency until the various mandated limits are reached –11th November if I remember). This would be the same as taking 15 electoral votes from Obama! Not enough but a start, and it could certainly become pivotal.
    Ohio is also run by Republicans who have already tried every foul move in the books to skew the polls away from the Dems, but the state is barely touched by Sandy. And it would not necessarily help Romney (& this thesis is too far fetched to run the math on the scenario of denying BO its 20 votes). I am too lazy to check what other north-eastern states (all solidly dem.) battered by Sandy that might have Republican governors.

    And no I’m not on any self-meds GR-like. Try this from Toni Childs (which I thought was just a few years back; turns out to be 24 years!):

    [And you’e getting everything you ever wanted to?
    your fussin’ boy
    your fussin’ boy ]

  10. zut alors

    ‘ Bitter irony that anywhere that sells liquor is run by people who don’t drink it.’

    It’s the same principle for drug lords ie: a clear brain is required to count all their money.

    Be careful of crying into your booze, Guy, it’s already over-diluted. A great read, keep ’em coming.

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