Oct 31, 2012

Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: ‘No-alition’ needs to say no to excising territory

MPs Russell Broadbent and Judi Moylan look like being alone among the two major parties in continuing to argue that Australia will lose international respect and dishonour its obligations by excising Australia from its own migration zone.

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

Excising the continent. The Julia Gillard-run Labor Party does not have a principled bone left in its political body. This latest anti-boat-people move is one where the Coalition should stick with its principal opposition principle and just say and vote “No”.


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2 thoughts on “Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: ‘No-alition’ needs to say no to excising territory

  1. lloydois

    How much longer can the Oz continue to run Greg Sheridan?

    He’s moved beyond parody with his infantile denigration of everything Labor does and his ridiculous sycophantic promotion of everything his best friend Tony does.

    The high point being the ‘defining moment in Australian diplomatic history’ that was Tony’s last trip to Indonesia.

    Is there anyone on the planet that takes this man seriously?

  2. mook schanker

    lloydois, I would say that for three quarters of the knobs (oops journalists) at the Oz…still they cater for an audience, ever shrinking though until one day they only pander to the extremities…

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