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Oct 30, 2012



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16 thoughts on “Sexism: is it the new heteronormative racism?

  1. zut alors

    Neat work, Mr Dog. What a treat to see fig.1 in his ‘hello ladies’ t-shirt. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the womenfolk.

    Singlehandedly, Albo is trying to reintroduce sanity to the serial bunglers steering the ALP. Some days it seems like Mission Impossible.

  2. Shaniq'ua Chardonnay

    Excuse me but there is no such thing as a ‘Hardworking Australian’, only ‘Hardworking Australian Families’.

  3. drmick

    For true balance Fido, you need an albo and a big red. Between them they have a cluster big enough to get the job done.
    Angry old non hetero misos and overtly miso bike riders dont stand a chance. Not even a 50/50 chance

  4. Holden Back

    zut, More bling, and Tony tone tone’s Christian Rap (or C-Rap)career is assured. Yo, bitches!

  5. SBH

    can’t we weave in an anti-catholic joke, you know just for Gerard Henderson

  6. gloria bennett

    sounds like some people in the labor party are deep heteronormacysts

  7. rhwombat

    Grog want one. Really useful for preventing war over fair share of diprotodon. But not want Albo. Too many sharp teeth.

  8. klewso

    Geez, didn’t Farrell get a Wong number?

  9. ernmalleyscat

    Albo would never go ‘poink’

  10. Holden Back

    zut, More bling, and Tony tone tone’s Christian Rap (or C-Rap)career is assured. Yo!

  11. Chris Johnson

    An Albo app? Woo-woot! Top shelf in First Dog on the Moon’s Emporium – out in time for Christmas!

  12. Andrew L

    You are not going to believe this and I risk getting beaten up with extreme prejudice which would be a fair cop under the circumstances… So anyhoo I keyed in “albomin” for god’s (who doesn’t exist anyway) only knows reason (meant to only type albo) in Dictionary.com and I got – you won’t believe your firkin eyes)
    – no dictionary results
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  13. Andybob

    iAlbo – for those difficult times when only a taser will do.

  14. TheFamousEccles

    Sorry to bring the tone of conversation down, but am I alone in giggling like an idiot at the poo joke? I mean, I know I am purile and everything, but it was a beaut.

  15. fractious

    @ Shaniq’ua, don’t you mean “hard-working Australian Family Values”?

  16. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    @fractious – maybe, but I think the dash in hardworking is unnecessary over-punctuation.


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