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Oct 29, 2012

Rundle: vanishing motels in Ohio and the Right’s new ground

In a culture shifting from production to consumption, from place to cyberspace, from goods to services, the new ground is literal-minded religion. How else to explain Republicans' war on abortion and rape?

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Coming out of Columbus airport — how many times have I been to Columbus, Ohio now, over the years: six, seven, eight? How did my life get to the point where I know the bars and bookshops of a nowheresville like Columbus?

I see they’ve all but totally demolished the Concourse Inn. Now that was a place; an airport motel so close to arrivals you could literally walk there from baggage claim. One of those old seventies joints, the era of that unique accommodation option, the hotel-motel. Cream plaster, slate mansard roof, the sign in Gothic script.

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21 thoughts on “Rundle: vanishing motels in Ohio and the Right’s new ground

  1. Mike Smith

    Airport hotels – the Bangkok airport’s like that. IIRC, the walkway’s airconditioned too.

    Chain hotels, a celebration of the bland. Give me Basil Fawlty any day.

    Please please please, web designer, put the comments link at the bottom of the article (as well) You read an article from top to bottom (in English) and then comment, you do not want to go back to the top. Sorry Guy, for venting on your article, it finally got to me!!

  2. Clytie

    Beautifully expressed, Guy. As the bland takes over, we pick at it obsessively until the cuticles bleed.

  3. Andrew McMillen

    A fantastic piece of writing. Thanks Guy.

    Agree with Mike Smith re comment link at bottom of article. Can’t be hard to do.

  4. Microseris

    Interesting and troubling narrative about the state and direction of the nation.

    The views being expressed by GOP candidates and the very fact that the desire to have the final say over womens rights, does not turn the voters off from the republican cause says plenty about the collective mindset of the US. The GOP system are choosing more extreme candidates.

    I see disturbing similarities in the rise of religious fundamentalists in the US, to the rise in political power of religious fundamentalists in the middle east and other islamic countries.

  5. Mark from Melbourne

    It’s a very strange country full of the most bewildering paradoxes. Unfortunately they can have a lot of impact on our own destiny so we cant just ignore them and hope they play nice in their sandbox as there are some batsh*t crazy people who are going to have their hand on the trigger.

  6. Patrick Belton

    Law and order:SUV? I’d like to believe that was a deliberate transposition.

  7. zut alors

    ‘…even a child of r-pe was “a gift from God”…’

    Yes siree, another good example of such gifts is herp es.

    Guy, it’s comforting to know you are not being subjected to cussing on TV. You already suffer enough for your art.

  8. sebster

    Wow. When you’re on, you’re really ON.

  9. Dogs breakfast

    “There are currently half-a-dozen different ads that take a different angle on the selling of toilet-paper”, and this;

    “You won’t get a better snapshot of the paradox of American culture, the mixture of forgetting and pervasive nostalgia, of the pursuit of happiness ……. and of the inevitable spiritual exhaustion.”

    And that same spiritual exhaustion seems to be as present in Oz as I imagine this scene to be. Who can say though what all of OZ thinks or feels, that’s just my take.

    Wonderful work Guy. I feel a little transported, a little dirty, and a little worried.

    As should be the case.

  10. joanjett

    Just bloody brilliant!

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