Oct 29, 2012

How The Oz missed the Rudd coup (rather than the other way around)

The Australian insists its gallery gun Dennis Shanahan had "scooped the pack" two years ago in describing Kevin Rudd's downfall. But it didn't tell the whole story.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

As far as gloating paeans to your own masthead’s beneficence go, nothing could top Peter Van Onselen’s extraordinary effort in The Weekend Australian sledging Fairfax for falsely treating revelations from Maxine McKew’s Tales from the Political Trenches as news. The Oz — and specifically Canberra politics analyst Dennis Shanahan — had “scooped the pack” two years ago in describing Rudd’s downfall while the competition dithered.


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2 thoughts on “How The Oz missed the Rudd coup (rather than the other way around)

  1. shepherdmarilyn

    Why Gillard and co. keep denying the facts in the US cables showing that she was being groomed and that the zionist lobby wanted Rudd gone is beyond belief.

    We all know what happened and most of the country do not and will not ever like it.


    This is what this racist coward is doing to innocent human beings to win back the bogans.

  2. Limited News

    I thought the idea the US Embassy greenlighted the coup was unfounded but looking back, the US govt must have been in panic mode when they realised what Assange had got hold of. They needed someone who would go in hard. Gillard went out of her way to condemn Assange for illegal activity, when she must have known that wasn’t a sustainable or wise thing to say. Also Michael Cooney is one of her speech-writers and was a protected source for one of the Canberra cables. The Green Zone in Yarralumla know they can trust Gillard but they may have had doubts about Rudd’s loyalty or unpredictability.

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