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Oct 29, 2012

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38 thoughts on “Farewell to a great Australian …

  1. Tyler T

    Haunting the Powerfox in the halls of the Lodge, it’s what he would’ve wanted

  2. GrimTidings

    I smiled, I thought of pets past, I teared up, I laughed. Loved it.

  3. drmick

    Maxine is still trying to lick his butt.

  4. ernmalleyscat

    Hmmm, it would seem one of Jasper’s guises that remained undetected was his role as Newspoll Adjuster. Now that he’s gone the true leanings of the people (on landlines having dinner at 6pm) can be heard.

  5. Mike Smith

    Ectoplasmic secretions now though. Which may be harder to remove.

  6. zut alors

    ‘string chaser’ – wonderful, Mr Dog, this was a talent sorely underplayed and hitherto unacknowledged by the commentariat. Trust you to spot it.

    Such rich times we’ve shared with Jasper.

  7. drmick

    I wonder if he died of embarrassment?

  8. Mark Duffett

    ‘Jasper the Unfriendly Ghost’ – truly inspired.

  9. paddy

    We did but seem him passing by…..That fabulous furry little ratf*cker extraordinaire. (sob)

  10. Stevo the Working Twistie

    I think his real talent, unlike so many in Australian political life, was to be able to lick his own bumhole without getting his head stuck in there. I hope the Rudds have gone for the Premium Shoebox option at the Pets-Were-Us Family Animausoleum.

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