Oct 29, 2012

Brave News World: is AAP now our most important media organ?

AAP's old-school journalism is suddenly very much back in fashion as newsrooms shrink, Gideon Haigh reports in the sixth chapter of his investigative special for Crikey on the future of the media.

Gideon Haigh

Freelance journalist and author

In the 1980s, a big oil company ran a successful series of advertisements celebrating its own low profile as “the quiet achiever”. If there were such a title in Australian media, it would be bestowed on Australian Associated Press.

AAP does have a profile, but it can be as negative as it is positive. Embattled news editors use “take it off AAP” as a synonym for “unimportant”. Sniffy journalism academics see a rising tide in the use of AAP copy in newspapers as symptomatic of industry malaise.

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8 thoughts on “Brave News World: is AAP now our most important media organ?

  1. Jaryd Fletcher

    Great article.

  2. Zodzt TMTR

    Regardless of spin, all news brokers have been infected by the international intelligence communities and other assortments of filtering.

    Lets face it, we only hear, see and consume what is good for us…right?

  3. klewso

    We get to see what they think is good for us.

  4. Zodzt TMTR

    Correct, that’s what I was implying.

    Even more correct is we get to see what suits their agenda and little else. AAP,Reuters and their ilk are conduits of misinformation and gross distortions.

  5. Zodzt TMTR

    The autocrat is at it again. Which word this time? that?

  6. Fred The Oyster

    Is it possible to get a subscription directly to AAP and bypass the somewhat befouled filter that the newspapers apply to it? Makes more sense to go straight to someone closer to the source if we want to know what’s going on, after all.

  7. klewso

    That’s why they (including many proponents of free-market economics – as it suits their ends) hate WikiLeaks so much – that is “free market”, that they don’t control.

  8. Lwin Sein

    One flaw in this. AAP’s revenues come from newspapers, overwhelmingly.

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