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Oct 25, 2012

Rundle: Romney’s soft money (and Andy Griffith) hit Obama hard

Barack Obama might have raised more money, but it's the Super PACs pushing Mitt Romney to the line harder. The final days will be a battle of TV ads.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Two days after the final debate, a contest that Barack Obama is widely supposed to have won, there has been no improvement in his numbers. But then, no one expected there to be.


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12 thoughts on “Rundle: Romney’s soft money (and Andy Griffith) hit Obama hard

  1. Holden Back

    Activist judges? Where is Planet Janet when you need her?

    Oh, when our side does it, it’s funny.

  2. Edward James

    How about we Australian Crikey subscribers be dished up Australian content first ! Edward James

  3. Recalcitrant.Rick

    A Romney win will drive many million more Americans into poverty than are already there. The disintegration of the lower classes in the U.S. is nearly total, the lower middle are nearly gone, and the middle class will follow. Infrastructure will continue to crumble and public services for anyone other than the lucky few will all but disappear. Welcome to the new South Africa, where the Elite live in gated communities and the rest scrabble for their $2 a day outside the gates.
    I prefer to remember the far more equitable America (unless of course you were black)of the 50’s 60’s & 70’S where anything was possible and the U.S. took us to the Moon. What we have in America today is the result of the selfish Reagan/Thatcherism creed “there is no such thing as Society, there is only the individual” THEY ARE WRONG! and Australia is the proof. Australia has always’ followed a middle path as has Canada, is it just coincidence that those two nations are now amongst the most successful Nations on Earth? We must not follow blindly down the same path as the Americans, that way will lead to the destruction of the Australian Ideal!

  4. zut alors

    The good ol’ USA, where money can buy anything – except happiness and national healthcare.

  5. zut alors

    Bliss alert! Head over to the ABC News website to see the clip of Donald Trump’s latest contribution to US politics. Pure manna for Jon Stewart.

  6. Liz45

    I find it most depressing! I can’t believe that americans are so stupid! I just get angry that our news people seem to think that we want a running commentary on the lies being told by Romney and Co. I agree with Recalcitrant.Rich – depressing isn’t it? This is the closest they’ve come to a national health scheme, and Romney will axe it. I find it depressing that Americans think it OK for about 20,000 of their compatriots to die each year through lack of health insurance, or being given a negative decision as to essential and life saving treatments in many cases. We would be outraged if we heard of just one person dying under such circumstances – I’d lead the demos etc? Sad isn’t it?

    The so called worlds largest democracy, allows these deaths to occur! Amazing! I’m no fan of Obama’s either (very disappointed) but Romney will wreak havoc! If it relies on a Supreme Court judgement, the Republicans will probably produce another Judge who’s also involved in their Election campaign – like in 2004! Thankfully, this also couldn’t happen here! We’re very fortunate indeed in our system of Election campaigns, counting etc, and the distance all politicians/candidates must keep otherwise they can be given the heave ho! Disqualified if they even take a look inside a counting area! Let it continue thus!

  7. Monash.edu

    I look at these amounts being spent by each candidate and feel completely flabbergasted. Where does all that money go? TV networks, I’m supposing. Best not to think of what else could be funded in its stead like, I dunno, science, welfare, health, education, foreign aid… yeah, best not.

    Seriously, if this kind of thing happened here, I’d be calling for a royal commission. Oh wait!

    David Heslin

  8. puddleduck

    Can it really end this way? All the Hope of the last election, and Americans bail so soon? For Romney?

    God help the world.

  9. Steve777

    “Americans For Prosperity” – isn’t that the same as “Americans For the Prosperous?” Why do so many accept the interests of the plutocrats and large corporations as being the same as theirs? Especially in the case of corporations it’s simply a blind drive for profits. To meet that end they create employment, but they’re not going to provide better pay and conditions than they absolutely have to and while they may call for better skills, more infrastructure, better defence and so forth, they don’t want to pay for it. That’s why people have votes, not corporations or dollars.

  10. Andybob

    Feeling a little smug now ’cause I scored my “Trump – Gingrich 2012” T shirt early on.

    From the figures above it would seem that there are people who can’t afford to donate more than $100 who dig deep and give what they can to ……. Romney. That’s a hard one to understand.

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