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Oct 24, 2012

Craig Thomson's home raid and what it means for Labor

The link between this morning's raid on Craig Thomson's family's house and the fall of the Gillard government remains a tenuous one. There are plenty of hoops first.


This morning’s dawn raid on Craig Thomson’s home while his young family slept — pre-leaked by police to the media who wet themselves over pictures beamed to breakfast television — is highly unlikely to have any implications for the longevity of the Gillard government.

They are essentially the same credit card claims, stemming from Thomson’s five-year term as Health Services Union national secretary from 2002-2007, first raised by Mark Davis on the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald way back in April 2009.

Outside his house, Thomson told journos he had “done nothing wrong”, was “fully co-operating with the police” and that he was very much looking forward to concluding the matter “before the end of the year”. His lawyer then took to Sky News to issue grave warnings about defamation.

Despite this morning’s action being executed by NSW Police on behalf of their Victorian fraud squad counterparts, Thomson was repeatedly badgered by the Bateau Bay press pack over why he had refused to sit down with the NSW Force as part of their investigation. NSW’s Strike Force Carnarvon is actually focused predominantly on the NSW branch and the merged HSUEast branch when it was under the control of Michael Williamson. It is also investigating, at a lower level, allegations of malfeasance in the NSW branch of the HSU when Thomson was assistant secretary from 1999 until 2002.

Victoria Police are trained on Thomson’s period as National Secretary, as well as other claims around the Victorian No 1 and No 3 branches controlled at the time by Kathy and Jeff Jackson. There were suggestions today they were keen to get hold of Thomson’s signature to compare with old-style credit card receipts used in various brothels. Thomson has maintained in federal Parliament he was set up by union rivals.

The road from the raid to a premature Tony Abbott government is a long and torturous one, and almost certainly won’t be resolved before the next federal election. It requires the opposition to jump through at least five flaming hoops.

The constitution mandates that an MP is banned if they are convicted of a crime that carries a penalty of over a year, regardless of how much time they are actually sentenced to. So, for example, if Thomson was ever convicted of fraud or theft under the Victorian Crimes Act he would be banned from federal Parliament because that crime is “punishable” by up to 10 years in prison.

But an early exit from parliament would mean a subsequent trial and all appeals would have to be exhausted before mid-July at the latest.

The other option is bankruptcy stemming from Fair Work Australia’s civil claims lodged last week that could potentially (although probably won’t) attract penalties of up to $450,000. But as Thomson lawyer Chris McArdle and Industrial Relations academic Andrew Stewart explained last week, those could well fail on a two-year statute of limitations provision, pending the outcome of an appeal in the Toyota Materials Case currently before the Federal Court.

Assuming one or both of those bans eventuated, a byelection in Dobell would then need to be won by the Liberals’ preselected candidate Karen McNamara (held by Thomson by 5.1%).

Then, assuming Peter Slipper continues to vote with the government, Julia Gillard would still hold a 76-74 advantage in the House before the exclusion of the speaker, or 75-74 with Anna Burke in the chair.

If Slipper votes with the Coalition in a motion of no-confidence we’re getting closer to a new poll, although all indications are he won’t act to bring down the government. Andrew Wilkie has already said he probably won’t back any no-confidence motion unless it relates to a proven instance of sleaze.

Amusingly, Liberal MPs Ross Vasta, Andrew Laming and Gary Hardgrave all had their offices raided by police before the 2007 poll but none ended up facing charges.

There may well be a lot of damage to HSU finances, but it seems the worst of it occurred during post-Thomson era. Twelve days ago, Crikey revealed a $7 million hole in HSUEast’s finances — a legacy of the disastrous 2010 merger between the NSW/ACT branch and the Victorian No. 1 and No. 3 branches. The No 3 branch controlled by forces loyal to Kathy Jackson was “apparently insolvent”.

In an interview with the local Central Coast Express Advocate last week, Thomson claimed he wanted to be judged on his record with constituents and not on the media storm. Despite his suspension from Labor, he is still close to local party figures and appeared not to rule out another run next year as an endorsed candidate. While he doesn’t sit in the federal Labor caucus, Thomson is believed to have recently been invited by the Dobell Federal Electorate Council to address them. However, NSW general secretary Sam Dastyari is unlikely to countenance that possibility and has instead called for a preselection ballot to be held early next year.

The heat has also gone out of the allegations from other angles. The HSU has disaffiliated with Labor in Victoria, a move that sapped the vigor out of the feverish battle for control of the union to gain delegates at ALP state conference and in turn influence state and federal preselections.

Meanwhile, also in Victoria, the lower-level saga of the de-merged Victorian No. 1 branch elections will kick off in the Federal Court tomorrow before Justice Treacy. As first revealed by Crikey last week, secretary hopeful Diana Asmar is fighting to get her name on the ballot paper and has accused her rivals of repeatedly ignoring her membership payments in order to deny her the ability to run under internal union rules.


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121 thoughts on “Craig Thomson’s home raid and what it means for Labor

  1. Jimmy

    This won’t impact the govt’s tenure or it’s prospects for re-eletion any more than it already has – people have made up their mind on the issue and now don’t particularly care and I doubt that anyfindings will be handed down beofre next years election (or at the very least early enough for a by elecion to be held).

  2. Ruprecht

    I’m not comfortable with cops tipping off the press before a raid in this type of investigation — Thomson is hardly Al Capone.

  3. Jimmy

    Ruprecht – I find that bit more than a little disturbing as well – questions really should be asked who tipped them off, why & what did they get in return.

  4. Cyndi

    By ‘Bateau Bay press pack’ I assume you mean Ray Hadley?

  5. GeeWizz

    And we had Craig Thomson with his usual weak excuse “It twasn’t me, honest mister!”

    If FWA had done it’s job properly this guy would be out of parliament by now.

    As to tipping off the media, seems to be standard practice in a lot of these high profile cases. It’s amazing that the Labor hacks are more worried about that then they are of someone ripping off low paid union members of 1/2 Million dollars to live the high life… ahhh.. Labor values

  6. Filth Dimension

    @Geewizzbangguffaw!!!. You really should spend less time thinking about Labor values and more time on the value of your posts.

  7. Jimmy

    Well said Filth – when Geewizz get’s some credibility by making just one factual statement regarding policy, economics or even predicting political implications of any given situation then maybe his posts may be given some weight, but I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.

  8. drmick

    Murdoch press tipped off by cops….now where has that happened before? Melbourne?………..Terrorist raid?…….Britain?……..ongoing investigations…….? Nah. It could never happen here? Could it?
    And I see the special bus has pulled into the handicap parking space early today. Wonder where Aunty Sophie & Great Great Great granny Bron took the wizzer and her speial friends today. No where near reality it seems.

  9. Scott

    “Despite his suspension from Labor, he is still close to local party figures and appeared not to rule out another run next year as an endorsed candidate. ”

    Maybe a new definition of behaviour is required…Armstronging : To honestly believe you are innocent of an allegation, regardless of the merit or wealth of evidence that is put up against you.

    Is Craig Thomson armstronging? I’ll let others be the judge.

  10. The Pav


    If Geewhizz and the odious Suzanne Blake were genuine in their concerns about standards they would:-
    Express their concern about Mirabella’s conduct which certainly has a long way to go. Elder financial abise is rife and needs to be stamped out

    I mean they’re rabitting on about a cross bencher who hasn;t been convicted yet were happy for their party to contain a convicted shop lifeter who only left after further convictions.

    Liberal Party drones that they are so they lack etics to go along with their lack of policies

  11. Jimmy

    The Pav – Not to mention good old Geoff Shaw down here in Victoria.

    Dr Mick – This article is right up Geewizz’s alley, no need to understand anything just make allegations.

  12. GeeWizz

    Michael Williamson – Former ALP National President

    Craig Thomson – Former ALP Member for Dobell that has the Prime Ministers “full confidence”

    We’ve got Williamson’s daughter who was working in the PM’s office

    What a wicked little web we weave….

  13. Jimmy

    Geewizz – Geoff Shaw current Victorian Liberal MP who has the full support of the Premier.

    Sophie Mirrabella – Current Federal Liberal MP who has the full support of the Leader of the Opposition.

    John Elliott – Former President of the Federal Liberal Party.

  14. GeeWizz

    [“Express their concern about Mirabella’s conduct which certainly has a long way to go. Elder financial abise is rife and needs to be stamped out”]

    Ahhh yes the “Mirabella” leftwing talking point.

    I often hear this one but never actually hear the accusation on what she is meant to have done wrong. Apparently she was written into the will by her ex-husband BEFORE he was diagnosed with dementia, but AFTER she had left him and now the other members of the family want her cut of the will and are now crying fiddle sticks.

    I’m just trying to work out how the lefties are making this into a conspiracy I really am…

  15. GeeWizz

    Hi Jimmy,

    Do you think a woman shouldn’t be allowed the proceeds of a written will just because they are much younger than the deceased person?

    Just seeing where you stand on misogyny and s-xism. And also does the same apply if the woman is much older than the man? Thanks

  16. robinw

    Who ever leaked the details of this raid to the media should be fired. Where is the presumption of innocence in this leaking? Nowhere! And where is the concern for the family of Craig Thompson in this leaking? Once again, nowhere. It’s nothing but salaciousness run amok. Of course nothing will be done as bureaucracy runs rampant again and those responsible will be protected by the highest in the command.

  17. Jimmy

    Geewizz – This has nothing to do with age or s-x, Mirrabella wasn’t married to the man who left her all the money, from memory he was a former university professor or something and suddenly all the family get’s written out of the will and Mirrabella get’s written in around the same time as he developed dementia – that doesn’t sound funny to you?

    And are the actions of Shaw and Elliott just because of s-xism too.

    Instead of discussing my stance on misogyny and s-xism how about we discuss your stance on consistency?

  18. GeeWizz

    Jimmy you got your facts wrong.

    He wrote the will AFTER Mirebella left him, but BEFORE he was diagnosed with dementia.

    If you and the lefties have a tin-foil hat conspiracy to tell us, then tell us.

    Otherwise this is just a case of the usual monetary sht-storm that often occurs after someones death. He wrote her into the will because the old codger probably still loved her even though she had left… is that fair to the rest of the family? Who cares. It’s his last will and testament and to me that’s all that matters. I know the left like the idea of getting someone elses money against their will(pardon the pun) but I think a Will should be respected no matter how unfair it is.

  19. Jimmy

    Geewizz – You accuse me of getting facts wrong but don’t provide any, when was the will written exactly and what is the source of this knowledge – after all you said Mirrabella was married to him when she wasn’t.

  20. Edward James

    While the political and legal processes surrounding the Health Services Union, HSU Williams, Thomson and others is moving at a snails pace. The “young and naive” work product of our Labor Prime Minister J Gillard, helping her boyfriend set up the other rort “slush fund” are not forgotten. Ruprecht I am not comfortable with the way police ‘help out the main stream media MSM” with these stories either. Inviting MSM to be present when these raids occur, raises questions about the integrity of policing NSW.There is always a quid pro quo in these dodgy arrangements. We are well aware the MSM in Britain were caught out paying cash for access to confidential police information. We have evidence of suspect relationships where our Police select who get the media releases and tips about drug bust. Bad politics is owned by politicians and those who support them. Edward James

  21. Norman Hanscombe

    Instead of criticising Craig shouldn’t we be congratulating him for (as he told the television cameras) ‘volunteering’ additional documentation to the police this morning?
    I have no doubts whatsoever that whatever Craig ‘volunteered’ TODAY will not show any wrongdoing on his part. If only Craig had acted in this manner when the issues first arose, much of the cruel speculation might have been avoided.
    As for his future in Labor, he’s still a member of the Party, and I must say that on no occasion when he visited my Branch did we have any of my fellow members criticise him. It’s possible there are local ALP members who are critical; but if so they haven’t said it to his face and, as Craig always reminds us on a not unrelated matter, we should suspend all judgment on his popularity until it’s settled in a ballot.

  22. David Hand

    I think Fair Work Australia performed very effectively in moving at such a snail’s pace that the Thomson case will finally come to court when his vote is no longer needed to prop up a minority government. I can only express admiration at such a well executed process.

    Mirabella is a red herring here. Surely we can discuss Thomson’s alleged sins without party political name calling.

  23. Filth Dimension

    Alleged. Exactly. What else is there to add.

  24. GeeWizz

    Actually the media only showed up 20 Minutes after the police arrived.

    Seeing as CT’s home is a bit like Buckingham palace with everyone out to get piccies of the royalty this is no surprise.

    [“Instead of criticising Craig shouldn’t we be congratulating him for (as he told the television cameras) ‘volunteering’ additional documentation to the police this morning?”]

    LOLZ! What a nice bloke… and only AFTER they raided his house. Guess what, if he didn’t give it to them, they would have taken it anyway that’s the point of a house raid.

    I’d be speculating here but the “documents” CT was nice enough to hand over to the coppers would have been a handwriting sample that Tommo boy had nicely prepared for their arrival.

    I’m sure the police will be much more interested in handwriting from CT a few years back that’s fallen out the back of the filing cabinet rather than the nicely handed over CT docs anyways.

  25. shepherdmarilyn

    This is a witch hunt based on nothing much at all. The very most Thomson has claimed to have done is breached governance, governance he was not even responsible for as the FWA report showed.

    The idiot media still clinging to the dodgy FWA report though has gone insane, the report said in full “there were not rules, he broke them.”

    This is called persecution and you are right, the thieving started long after Thomson was out of the union.

    The thing is look at his whole life. He was in the union for 20 years, not one complaint until Kathy Jackson wanted his job.

    Why aren’t the police going after the Balano and Jackson clique whose cards show extravagant cars, holidays and the seeming theft of millions.

  26. shepherdmarilyn

    He did behave in this manner when it was first raised, the thing is there was not a thing to answer for except that very dodgy credit slip and gossip provided by Jackson.

    This was just another staged raid, for what?

    Already FWA have spent almost $2 million, the majority of the claims against him have been discredited in various investigations, it is now just persecution.

  27. shepherdmarilyn

    McClymont is still claiming Thomson is being sued over election funds when he has been cleared by all and sundry twice already.

    They are a pathetic packs of snakes.

  28. Edward James

    I have been busy for well over ten years writing and protesting about how the same bad politics which has resulted in the HSU farce and the unresolved allegations exposed by Hedley Thomas identifying our Prime Minister. Bad politicsand those who support that, left me with only the peoples court of public opinion and paid access to local papers to pursue my rights to natural justice. Edward James

  29. Plane

    This raid is simply the latest in one of the longest running investigations since kurt cobain died. (And we never got to the bottom of that one either) !!

  30. SBH

    As a rule, I find David hand a nong and as a general rule I would object strongly to accusations of bias by public servants.
    In this case however he’s on the money. FWA was handed over to a bunch of ex-union hacks who laundered their CVs through the Victorian Public Service. How is it that their performance in this matter isn’t a national scandal.

  31. Norman Hanscombe

    Good Shepherd Marilyn, surely it’s sexist to claim a “witch hunt”? It was a Wizard Hunt, and since Craig has shown he’s a real wizard when it comes to convincing you, he deserves credit for such a masterly effort.
    You’re correct of course when you say (and I’m pleased to quote you) “The very most Thomson has claimed to have done is breached governance”.
    Mind you, others have claimed he did much more, so it’s a shame the lad who was taken on to manage credit cards left for the U.S.A. not long after unfair accusations re the use of credit cards became newsworthy. Sadly it seems he hasn’t been able to help Craig at a time when Craig can do with all the support you and other fair-minded observers apparently want him to receive?
    There’s much more fascinating ‘analysis’ by you in your three consecutive posts, and as someone who has passing knowledge of some aspects of the shambles, I sincerely hope you and others who share your views continue to ‘defend’ Craig.

  32. Oscar Jones

    GeeWizz & Tony Abbott both need a firm lecture on what Contempt of Court actually means and although we may forgive GeeWizz not knowing who he/she is there is no excuse for a man who wants to be chief lawmaker of this country making outrageous claims on matter before the court.

    And Abbott’s demand that the government should refuse to accept the vote of a man legally elected to represent the voters of Dobell is an appalling insult to democracy.

    The police habit of tipping off the media is also a matter that needs to be checked. These coppers could always get a job advising soap stars on how to promote themselves. They look as big a gooses as minor celebs do in the end. Don’t they have any shame?

  33. shepherdmarilyn

    Why would anyone use their own credit card in a brothel, for that matter why would anyone use a credit card in a brothel.

  34. Liz45

    @Gee Wizz and others! Go tell your mate Abbott, that he should either advocate a change to our system of justice – ie innocent until proven guilty, or shut up! Simple really!

    Now IF they maintain the continuation of this system, they should say so, back off and keep their traps shut!

    Abbott and his supporters have two sets of rules – both made by the No-alition, and written by them! They mean, the Libs can engage in all sorts of sleaze etc and the system must be allowed to take care of them, but anyone else who is deemed an opponent must resign at the first hint of ‘trouble’?

    They left two years without a word. It was only AFTER the 2010 Election, when they realised they could get rid of Thomson and so take power that their ‘justifiable outrage’ came to the fore. It’s just nauseating!

    I’m for waiting for the whole thing to take its course. IF Craig Thomson is innocent in toto, then I can only imagine how stressful this must be! EVEN if he is guilty, it’s horrible!

    Isn’t it interesting to watch the so-called god loving people exercise their christian values??????????

    I hope his solicitor is keeping track of names, times and dates – for further use! And people should understand, that putting forward ‘judgements’ under an assumed name will not save them from being sued! Bring it on I say!

  35. Edward James

    Brothels like many other legitimate businesses have swipe machines because many of their customers do use credit cards. I sometimes wonder if the “workers” were just being paid to listen to the issues of a troubled person ? Edward James

  36. Liz45

    @shepherd marilyn – Indeed! IF you were a person in the spotlight, such as a politician, you wouldn’t be that stupid?

    Those like Gee Wizz and SBH aren’t known for their ability for rational thought or common sense! They just rattle the marble in their brains and see where it lands for that day! This time it’s Craig Thomson? Pathetic!

  37. Hamis Hill

    By the way, a very good article, Andrew.
    A real service to readers.
    Elsewhere, the desecration of democracy continues.

  38. Edward James

    Liz 45 good point. We all must wonder why the Federal opposition and their supporters are not overtly pushing for an inquiry into the “young and naive’ work product of Julia Gillard while working with Slater and Gordon, in setting up the “slush fund” her words. Politics is played out in a different place to legal matters. consider Nic Griner see pages 288-289 Butterworths Australian Legal Dictionary 1997. Who was to be found not guilty in law after appeal but long after his political career was all over red rover.( yes i know he is back on the public teet!) All politicians accept when they stand up and ask for our votes to be given in trust. They will be accept closer scrutiny than the rest of us. There is a separation of powers which permits us to consider and discuss matters of public political business. Craig Thomson is an elected rep. We the peoples may continue to discuss and consider matters of public interest. Edward James

  39. Graeme Connelly

    Call that a “raid” 2 suited gents timidly knocking at the door???? no kicking the door down No pistol waving??? Methinks Macquarie dictionary need to upgrade their definition!!!!

  40. Edward James

    Possibly it was not a “no knock warrant” Edward James

  41. Edward James

    Just wondering about those black titanium cards issued to Thomson and Williams by the printing company which was on a very good wicket producing the HSU reports. Is it possible there may be criminal charges pursuant to the application of corporate law ? Edward James

  42. fractious

    “This morning’s early morning raid on Craig Thomson’s home while his young family slept — pre-leaked by police to the media who wet themselves over pictures beamed to breakfast television…”


    Whatever Thomson is alleged to have done, where the phucq do the NSW Police get off? Is this a crminal investigation or a media event? Is it any wonder many people (alright, me then) hold both the MSM and the police in this in equal contempt?

  43. fractious


    “It’s amazing that the Labor hacks are more worried about that then they are of someone ripping off low paid union members of 1/2 Million dollars to live the high life”

    It’s surprising that someone who seems so dedicated to rooting out corruption and misdeeds in Labor’s ranks is so blithe about the polis misusing their office. Or is it?

  44. Norman Hanscombe

    Imagine my pain to return and find my last post awaiting ‘moderation’. Especially since my comment then was far more moderate than some of the (I hate to say this) rather hurtful and cruel posts which have been deemed acceptable.
    Am I too gentle?

  45. GeeWizz

    [“And Abbott’s demand that the government should refuse to accept the vote of a man legally elected to represent the voters of Dobell is an appalling insult to democracy.”]

    BZZT Wrong.

    The coalition did it with Mal Colston after he was accused of travel rorts. All they had to do was abstain one of their members from voting when Mal Colston voted.

    Labor just have to keep to the same high standards the Coalition did under Howard and abstain one of their members from voting. It’s quite simple really.

  46. Edward James

    Craig Thomsons home raid, his short statement, and what it means to Labor and others who have been disenfranchised by bad politics. Secret commissions, black amex, and no tip off from NSW police. Well fair dinkum Edward James has been publishing allegations; Gosford City Council which now enjoys after Labor were kicked out of government, the support of the Liberal State government. Gosford City Council has often been publicly accused in our local papers of misleading the State Coroner during his inquiry into the death of five people at Piles Creek Somersby. Edward James

  47. shepherdmarilyn

    He did not rip off union members for half a million dollars.

    The claims by FWA were discredited by the AEC long ago, pity our media have such short memories.

    They carry on as if Slipper and Thomson are axe murderers with strings of dead bodies left trailing behind them.

    The AFP paid me a visit once, Amanda Vanstone complained because I said she was lying and falsely deporting the Bakhtiyari family.

    I was right.

    And where is Thomson’s high life? A small modest house on the north coast, no Volvo’s or sports cars, no rich holidays in France or anywhere else, not a single claim that he has been anything but honest and above board during 5 years in parliament.

    What this is is a witch hunt led by George Brandis who led the witch hunt against DAvid Hicks and ended up with egg on his face.

  48. GeeWizz

    [“Whatever Thomson is alleged to have done”]

    So your more worried about whether a few media vans show up in front of his place than whether he ripped off 1/2 Million dollars off poorly paid union members so he could visit ladies of the night.

    Let me guess, another Labor voter? Fighting the good fight for the ol’ boys club

  49. Ronson Dalby

    Graeme Connelly, I was hoping someone would bring up this ridiculous and emotive use of the word ‘raid’. I’m sorry Crikey didn’t rise above this.

    Tactical response teams were not there breaking down doors and firing smoke and teargas grenades!

  50. Edward James

    Norman Hanscombe
    Posted Wednesday, 24 October 2012 at 5:37 pm. moderation. I know and I have no doubt others know you to be a person of some substance in our local Central Coast Community. after you stood up against Deborah O’Niell I have no political alliance, unlike yourself. I identify Labor and the Liberal Coalition as the two parties not much preferred for good reason. You may know I have published over forty pages of paid announcements in papers circulating on the Central Coast identifying my often published allegations of systemic corruption and abuse of due process by our local council. Edward James

  51. fractious


    “So your more worried about whether a few media vans show up in front of his place than whether he ripped off 1/2 Million dollars off poorly paid union members so he could visit ladies of the night. Let me guess, another Labor voter? Fighting the good fight for the ol’ boys club”

    Wrong on all counts. Again. You missed the point, again. Why am I not surprised.

    FYI I hold to the view that people charged with an offence are (mostly) assumed in this country to be innocent until proven otherwise beyond reasonable doubt. I also hold to the view (naive as it seems to be nowadays) that the Polis have no fscking business whatsoever telling the scum-sucking pondlife that constitutes the MSM in this country what they’re up to.

    Which part of those principles don’t you understand?

  52. GeeWizz

    BTW I’d be more worried about the person being RAIDED being tipped off by the cops, than the media.

    Apparently that may have been the case with Michael Williamson as he was at the HSU head office doing some “cleaning up” when police raided it.

    Fractious that’s great that you believe in that view because a Quasi Independent Government Body setup by Julia Gillard found Craig Thomson had 180 breaches of industrial laws.

  53. Oscar Jones

    I know this for sure and I guarantee most posters would as well :
    I would never accept and use a credit card that spells my name incorrectly.

    And in particular if I was a union official that required me using my credit card in hotels , airports and so on as the minute I produced my license or passport as the additional ID required these days and the differing spellings were noticed, as they would be : that credit card would not be accepted as payment.

    And even more so in a bordello which is a legal enterprise but were they are even more precise about genuine credit cards.

    And that is why, totally unnoticed by the Sydney Morning Herald, the credit slip pictured is a forgery.

  54. Edward James

    Fractious ! I am one of many people in Australia like you who consider, then vote on what all our political allsorts tell us they will do if elected. The separation of powers makes it quite clear political business is not legal business. Edward James 023419140

  55. Edward James

    Fractious ! I am one of many people in Australia like you who consider, then vote on what our political allsorts tell us they will do if elected. The separation of powers makes it quite clear political business is not legal business. Edward James 023419140

  56. Edward James

    Craig signed up for the charges on the credit card didn’t he ? Edward James

  57. shepherdmarilyn

    No Edward, you moron.

  58. Edward James

    what? Moron are you kidding I have been destroying political careers form years! I cant be as dumb as politically inbred Labor party supporters old girl! Edward James

  59. Edward James

    But it is clear I can obviously be dumb enough to miss the page 2 on this Crikey string ! I think craig did sign off on his spending perhaps he just wanted someone to listen to him? But lets see how things pan out with the black amex cards craig and his mentor received from the crew doing the printing for HSU. I expect many of the Labor cheer squad have been surfing the internet. Edward James 0243419140

  60. Edward James

    well marylyn shepard so many posters are ready and willing to spray like a big cat . why would these people be unwilling to touch base with someone. Who is telling readers politicians are accommodating systemic corruption? Could it be most posters are supporters of either Labor ore Liberal national coalition? Edward James 0243419140

  61. Patriot

    Craig Thomson, go directly to gaol. Do not pass the knock shop. Do not collect $1000 from the ATM.

  62. Edward James

    We the peoples are on so many levels, paying for this garbage. Edward James

  63. GeeWizz


    He’s taken all the community chest card money and used them to purchase Kings Cross Station(so he doesn’t get hit with a rental fee every time he visits).

    I’m sure that’s a violation of the rules?

  64. GeeWizz

    [“I would never accept and use a credit card that spells my name incorrectly.”]

    So it was the other Craig Thompson at the Health Services Union(which was written correctly on the card)?

    How many Craig Thompsons were working there exactly? And why was his driver license scanned in on one of the receipts? Was this the other Craig Thomson at HSU also a dead ringer for the real one?

    [“that credit card would not be accepted as payment.”]

    So why did CT back at HSU headquarters sign off on all the payments? You do know he was in charge of signing off all withdrawls right?

    Is he just grossly incompetent? And how many times did he contact the police regarding this suspect withdrawls? Oh whats that? Never?

    Gee it’s all just a grand ol’ conspiracy against our boy Craig aint it… the Ghandi of the union movement, taking care of those poor underpaid union members.

  65. Zeehan

    “the scum-sucking pondlife that constitutes the MSM in this country”.

    Fractious, while I empathise with you, where can you go to get your information if not for that scum-sucking pondlife? I would genuinely like to know where to go for factually-correct, non-politically-biased news and comment. Does it exist in this country? I think not.

  66. Norman Hanscombe

    Still I wait for my 4.02 p.m. post (which contains none of the vitriol or inaccurate statements in some posts) which seemingly have ‘passed the test’ since then) to be moderated. Could it be that my irony has become rusty?

  67. GeeWizz

    Q. How many Craig Thomson’s does it take to change a light bulb?

    A. Only 1, but Craig Thomson was never near the light bulb when it was changed, he doesn’t know who did change it, it can’t be proved he ever changed it and all investigations say it wasn’t even changed in the first place and that this is all just a big conspiracy of the Liberal Party.

  68. Edward James

    don’t forget when your taking the piss to leave the “p’ out of thomson

  69. negativegearmiddleclasswelfarenow.com

    Twenty cops needed to collect computers and files – with

    the media waiting for them to arrive – really?

    What a farce!

  70. GeeWizz

    Negative, the only farce is they didn’t do it 12 months ago.

    Who knows whats been put through the shredder since. Does Tommo’s house have an inbuilt fireplace BTW?

  71. drmick

    Must be bed time at the funny farm soon. The bus for wiz and its special friends can take them back to the asylum, give then their anti paranoid medication and tuck them in their hole. No need for a bedtime story; been making stories up all day.

  72. SBH

    maybe not a bed time story Dr but some thorazine wouldn’t hurt

  73. shepherdmarilyn

    The FWa report was a total farce and almost none of the so called claims have any penalty but Bernadette O’Neil said she wanted to punish Thomson anyway.

  74. Hamis Hill

    PLI-UH-IZ, JI-UH IZ, even your conservative axis associates can see you are being onanistic on this issue.
    Now the test case, where your true identity is delivered up
    so you can front in court for libel, will probably get everyone else very excited.
    Ed will be safe, he’s expended all his assets on actually paying for his politics.

  75. Norman Hanscombe

    1. I’m sure Marilyn could be correct in saying, “He did not rip off union members for half a million dollars.” I’ve never heard that precise figure suggested by anyone familiar with Craig’s actions.
    2. She complains about others’ alleged “short memories” in relation to FWA investigations being a problem, but modestly overlooks her own indisputable strengths in selective memories and cognitive dissonance.
    3. I accept her brief encounter with the AFP has scarred Marilyn, and can only wish her well in the recovery process. Her, “I was right” comment shows it certainly didn’t dint her outstanding self-confidence?
    4. Even accepting her claim “there’s not a single claim that he has been anything but honest and above board during 5 years in parliament” was correct — and I can only assume she was serious in saying this — Craig’s problems arise primarily from his activities outside Parliament.
    5. I shan’t comment on her “witch hunt” assertions, because I did this much earlier on this aspect, and despite my comment then being very moderate, it’s still awaiting “moderation”.
    6. As for “DAvid Hicks”, in light of his admissions, I’m sure Mr Hicks will appreciate anyone trying to defend that poor well-intentioned and completely “innocent” man’s actions?

  76. betty boo

    E James refers to Nick Greiner.
    I find it particularly irksome that Greiner and his supporters have managed to maintain a public image of his innocence, when actually something quite different happened – I summarise below some of the excellent biog of Greiner entry in Wikipedia.
    He successfully appealed and the Court of Appeal overturned the ICAC findings.
    The court found that ICAC had ‘exceeded its jurisdiction’ in ruling against the two ministers and granted ‘declaratory relief that the Commission’s report was wrong in law’ – the law being Greiner’s creation.
    Later a parliamentary committee recommended that Section 9 of the ICAC Act, on which the successful appeal was based, should be repealed as it was too narrow in defining corrupt conduct.
    While the section was not repealed, a sub-section was ultimately added in 1994 which addressed the behaviour of ministers and members of parliament, and gave legislative enforcement to ministerial and parliamentary codes of conduct.
    After 1994, had he offered an MP a senior government job as an inducement to vacate his seat, he might well have been found to have acted corruptly.

  77. izatso?

    …. you have Williamson and Jackson’s deviousness to factor in here. the Ray Williams HIH debacle for our times. Ray got away with that, too, how so ?

  78. Edward James

    Betty Boo Many years ago while protesting outside NSW State Parliament. I began chatting with probably a barrister, in passing I remarked. When you look to Butterworths for the definition of corruption, it says see Nic Griner. He could not see the joke. In fact he pointed out quite strongly he was on Nics’ defense team and they had that ruling overturned on appeal. Only yesterday a large pile of ministerial letters newspapers and other leftovers from my own campaign for natural justice fell down and scattered across the floor. There in plain view was a copy of the Report 22 on the review of the Members’ Code of Conduct. 2002. Part of the codified law pursuant to Section 9 of the ICAC Act. Which is a direct result of Griner v ICAC 1992. The Code of conduct may have been updated since then. I have often pointed out to my readers this code is used as a door mat by our State politicians. While people like me struggle for years to obtain open honest representation. We can often see enormous amounts of our taxes and rates being wasted on defending unworthy politicians from the results of their own incompetence. Edward James

  79. geomac62

    How convenient for wizz aka truthless skim over the Mirabella question yet go hammer and tongs at Thomson . It will come as no surprise that most of what truhless stated is BS . The will in question was made about a year after they formed a relationship , Howard QC and 26 year old Sophie Panopolous , 40 year age gap . They had a 5/6 year relationship but Sophie never told her famil y . Colin Howard bankrolled her election bid in Indi though never disclosed as it should be legall y . Colin also helped pay for the Mirabella house to the tune of about 100k even though she was now Mirabella not Panapopoulus .
    There is much more but you get the gist of what wizz calls nothing .
    Now imagine how that vile cretin would paint Sophie if that vile venal foul mouth was Labor . Her hubby would be a hoon gaining from the proceeds of his wifes fornication with an aging mentally deficient ex lover . Righteous condemnation of abuse of the aged , abuse of legal process . Disregard for grieving famil y members ie Colins children . Illegal action in not declaring political funding from Colin . Just google howard mirabella and all have had something to say even the Australian couldn,t ignore this . Yet wizz says nothing to see here while doing the complete opposite regarding Thomson . Wizz ? Isn,t that slang for a piss , going out for a wizz , be back in two shakes ha ha . Appropriate for wizz to have that name , truthless is more accurate , pissing in the wind is all wizz does .
    A prostitute earns a honest buck , simple transaction . What do you call a person who uses sex to fleece an infatuated old man . More to the point what do you call that person when they suck everything including the townhouse in Carlton as being sole beneficiary and executor of the will . A profitable whore without the dignity of a prostitute who pl ies the trade legally . Sophie and wizz , sex and piss , made for each other .

  80. Jimmy

    Geomac – I also read that Mirrabella had Howard living in a cottage on her property towards the end of his life while he was quite ill and his children were trying to track down what had become of him. While staying there he had a fall and almost died.

    It is also reported that when Howard gave Mirrabella the $100k to buy her house her husband questioned whether receiving the money was a moral & ethical thing to do but was told he would never understand her relationship with Howard.

    Really I couldn’t give two hoots about this issue but it does highlight Mr Wizz’s inability to be consistent.

  81. David Fyfe

    Gee Whiz you would be well advised to be extremely careful in the words you throw around here about Craig Thomson. While I am surprised Crikey allows you such latitude, Mr Thomsons lawyer on Sky News yesterday made it very clear the legal team would persue and sue for defamation anyone found making untrue statements about their client.
    I merely point that out after reading your posts. When you are approved to post here by Crikey you also involve them.

    Kind Regards.

  82. Edward James

    To some extent the new legal eagle is doing some sort of job attempting to protect the Federal Politician suspended from the Labor Party Craig Thomson behind a legal shield. And has already told Tony Abbott to shut up. In my opinion it may be more productive if he told his client Craig Thomson to shut up! Edward James

  83. Norman Hanscombe

    David Fyfe, by suggesting Gee Whiz “would be well advised to be extremely careful in the words you throw around here about Craig Thomson” you’re falling (however inadvertently) into the scheme Craig’s lawyers initiated to scare off anyone appalled by the evidence which has come to light over the past decade or so.
    I’ve been making written statements about Craig’s position in places other than Crikey; and although friends have warned me repeatedly about Craig’s propensity for litigation, nothing has happened. His lawyer’s theatrical appearance on Sky was fascinating T.V. but little more.
    You mention that “When you are approved to post here by Crikey you also involve them.” I don’t imagine (after Craig’s last foray into suing a media outlet) Crikey staff are losing any sleep.

    Edward James (12.57 p.m.) you’re giving Craig’s lawyer the wrong advice. This lawyer’s smokescreen is perfect for Craig’s calamitous situation. If you wanted to give Craig’s lawyer helpful advice, you might have explained what presumption of innocence actually involves with regard to Court hearings. Judging by Boo Boo’s comments above, s/he might seem an appropriate person to help out Craig’s legal eagle?

  84. Hamis Hill

    Whatever! The threat of a court case seems to have scared off the conservative sniveller who cannot wait for the court case of another to reveal the truth.
    Must have some assets then.

  85. geomac62

    I have no idea of what the husband of Sophie thought of the money . The description was what wizz would write if Mirabella was Labor based on the past excesses of his vitriol .

  86. shepherdmarilyn

    Norman, the Bakhityari family are Afghans, DAvid Hicks is not a criminal, he is an innocent man in every country in the world and Thomson did not rip off anyone.

    The FWA report was so flawed they ordered an investigation into their own investigation.

    The fact is Thomson will not be charged with anything because he did not do anything.

  87. GeeWizz

    [“It will come as no surprise that most of what truhless stated is BS . The will in question was made about a year after they formed a relationship , Howard QC and 26 year old Sophie Panopolous , 40 year age gap.”]

    So he was a old sugar daddy take advantage of a vulnerable young girl.

    Well that’s what you’d be telling us if Mirabella was a Labor MP wouldn’t you spinmeister?

    There is no big conspiracy around Mirabella, it’s a civil case around a contested will. That’s it. No 1/2 Million stolen from poor union members for rub n tugs at the local Thai massage parlour.

    It’s just a distraction because the Labor Pin-up boys, Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson have been caught out doing the usual Ol’ Boys Labor Club of living the high life on other peoples money.

    You Labor hacks really need to watch the movie “Animal Farm”.. Williamson and Thomson are playing the role of the Pigs, Napoleon and Snowball and all the poor union workers are all the other farm animals working themselves to the bone feeding these pigs greedy snouts.

    Stop giving us distractions and tell us what LABOR are going to do about CT and MW to stop this ever happening again.

  88. geomac62

    Kathy Jackson ? No mention of KJ ? Oh I forgot the libs are backing her , legal etc . Her um partner , boyfriend is an Abbott appointee to Fairwork . Marilyn may be on to something regarding Thomson actually getting charged with anything . Williamson and Jackson however used to be thick as thieves and both have done well out of the HSU .

  89. Filth Dimension

    “You Labor hacks really need to watch the movie “Animal Farm”..

    Lol. Geewizzbangguffaw!!! You might want to read the book but it may be a complicated for you without pictures. LMAO..

  90. Filth Dimension

    A bit complicated. Lol.

  91. Norman Hanscombe

    Shepherdmarilyn [6.01 p.m.]
    1. Your need to make reference to “the Bakhityari family” is curious at best.
    2. “DAvid Hicks” has an acknowledged record which leaves most Australians less enthusiastic or sorry for him than emotively-blinkered bleeding hearts are.
    3.Even as an Infants School lad I knew someone (including your current interest Thomson) is not a criminal until found guilty in a court; but the person’s PRESUMED innocence isn’t established innocence.

    Like you (and on some days even Craig?) I want to see the poor misunderstood HSU product have a day – or more likely many days – in court. In the meantime I’m sure you’ll stay blindly loyal to Craig and all your causes, because you epitomise the ‘True Believer Syndrome’ found with so many devoted followers on what passes for both left and right.

    I’ll simply wait patiently for more facts to be made public in the courts.

    Gee Wizz et Filth Dimension, because I’ve worked on Labor Booths since W.W.II I suppose I’m one of your ‘Labor Hacks’. Having read (and more importantly having understood) ‘Animal Farm’ long before it became a movie, I can understand your difficulty coming to grips with what’s involved in rational analysis, so I wish you both good luck.

  92. GeeWizz

    [“Kathy Jackson ? No mention of KJ ?”]


    Only committed minor offenses according to FWA and of no interest to police. You might also want to note that it was KJ that publically aired the corruption at HSU. Why didn’t Craig Thomson do anything like that when he had the gig? How many times did he contact the police about the unsolicited withdrawls? Whats that? Never?

    BTW I love the Labor hacks spin that if Kathy Jackson is guilty of something that gets Craig Thomson and Michael Williamson off the hook. Funny stuff.

  93. geomac62

    Disgraced former HSU East executive president Kathy Jackson is in the news today.

    The Daily Telegraph – once her enthusiastic champion – reports that Victoria Police are conducting a fraud investigation into her relating to wrongdoing uncovered by other union officials and previously revealed by VEXNEWS and the intrepid online investigative reporter Peter Wicks on the excellent Independent Australia website.

    They reveal:

    Documents relating to alleged payment of childcare fees for Ms Jackson’s son, the disappearance of several computers, $12,500 in postage and shipping reimbursement to Ms Jackson and a $22,000 payment to a Hong Kong woman were also included in documents referred to police…

    The separate claims relating to Ms Jackson include wages paid by the union to the children of Ms Jackson’s partner, the vice-president of Fair Work Australia, Michael Lawler. The document claimed the wages had not been disclosed as related party transactions – as required.

    There was also $58,000 in allegedly unaccounted for EFT payments to Ms Jackson’s former husband and HSU official Jeff Jackson.

    Police have also been asked to investigate $36,774 in payments from the union to a consultancy company which lists Ms Jackson as a director.

  94. Filth Dimension

    @Norman Hanscombe. Please don’t don’t lump me in with the Geewizzbanger! I was laughing AT him/her/it, not with him/her/it, for suggesting we watch “the movie”. If Geewizzer and his ilk actually read, his posts might be more insightful and reasoned.

  95. Jimmy

    Geewizz – “So he was a old sugar daddy take advantage of a vulnerable young girl.” I seriously doubt Mirrabella was ever vulnerable, let alone when she was running for parliament or married and buying a house.

    And even if Mirrabella is completely innocent where is your indignation regarding Geoff Shaw? Why isn’t the liberal party a disgrace because of the actions of its former president in John Elliott?

    As I have said I find all of these issues of little importance and both sides of politics have numerous scandals that the other side can point to but the issue here is why does Geewizz only get outraged by the ALP side?

  96. Jimmy

    Geomac – The issue with Jackson is an interesting one, Thompson has always claimed she was out to get him becuase he had discovered her frauds.

  97. Norman Hanscombe

    Filfth Direction, I owe you an apology. I was irked at the time about the manner in which so many “True Believers” of all varieties were tossing around non sequiturs with all the gay abandon of lollies at a Greek wedding; and you (as one of the 2 posts which had just popped up on my screen) became collateral damage. Mea culpa.
    In our postmodern world it’s the norm for religious fundamentalists (including the various non-theistic mutations which flourish on the internet) to say you made me do it; but I’m not sufficiently emotively blinkered to become part of that norm.

  98. Norman Hanscombe

    Jimmy, a chap called Adolph (and I’ve seen the actual newsreel) stood up in the Reichstag and to great applause claimed, “You know me, I am a man of peace.” The verdict tends to be seen as in on him; but with more recent claims about “innocence” we must wait even longer than the numerous delaying tactics have already made us wait.

  99. Jimmy

    Norman – What’s the name of the theory that sttes every thread will always eventually lead to someone talking about Hi t ler?

  100. GeeWizz

    [“wrongdoing uncovered by other union officials and previously revealed by VEXNEWS and the intrepid online investigative reporter Peter Wicks on the excellent Independent Australia website.”]

    Just checked Daily Telegraph couldn’t find a thing about Kathy Jackson. LOLZ…. Let me guess, failed ALP candidate Peter Wicks complaining her pool pump is too noisy? LOL

    This is hilarious stuff.


    Hows Gillards good mates ex-Labor Federal President Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson coming along btw with police investigations? Did you notice they have had their houses raided by police but NOT Kathy Jackson? That should give you a clue where the action is at.

  101. GeeWizz

    [“Geomac – The issue with Jackson is an interesting one, Thompson has always claimed she was out to get him becuase he had discovered her frauds.”]

    Quick! Look over there! Distract! Distract! Distract!

    The lefties attempt at making Kathy Jackson the issue to take the heat off Craig Thomson is failing fella’s… you are gonna have to try harder.

    Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson where the action is at and everyone knows anything else is a distraction by the lefties ol’ boys club supporters.

  102. geomac62

    No distraction and as always you deflect the issue people are pointing out . You have one set of rules for your mob and another for their opposition . Thats it , plain and simple . You and ED are like peas in pod . Blondie song , whats the name of it ? Call me , thats Eds theme song , good one too .

  103. Jimmy

    Geomac – You have to laugh at old Geewizz complaining that the “lefties” are trying to “distract” away from the issue of Thomson when the whole Thomson issue is just a distraction from actual policy.

    I suppose that’s what happens when you have no understanding about any policy and the party you support has very few policies in the first place.

  104. Norman Hanscombe

    Anonymous geomac62, can you nominate the best example of a post on this site where you actually addressed the substantive issues raised by Craig’s actions? If not, I recommend the Good Book’s injunction to “Let he who is not stoned cast the first criticism.”

  105. Edward James

    Informed members of the commentariat would know I have been publishing my contact details since 2000 When I started attacking my local council and shonky political allsorts in my local government area. I do not understand why anyone would waste everyones time calling politicians corrupt and bagging political parties, while they insist on hiding from scrutiny behind a nom de plume. Edward James

  106. GeeWizz


    Kathy Jackson went public and to the police about corruption at HSU.

    How many times did Craig Thomson who signed off on all these dodgy withdrawls go to the police about these unauthorised transactions?

    Oh whats that? He didn’t?? What a scumbag and here you are covering up for him.

  107. Jimmy

    Geewizz – “Kathy Jackson went public and to the police about corruption at HSU.” to paraphrase you could it be a case of “HEY! LOOK OVER THERE! CRAIG THOMSON! DON’T WORRY ABOUT KATHY JACKSON”

  108. geomac62

    Norman Hanscombe
    The archives are there for you to peruse at your leisure . I have consistently maintained that the rule of law should be allowed to run its course . I have neither condemned or exonerated Thomson . I have however abused Mirabella as a vile person without any integrity . For that I have no problem because to parphrase Abbotts term ” she is nasty piece of work ” .

  109. geomac62

    Nom de plume is way too fancy a word for a login . Unlike some I have no delusions of grandeur nor wish to be contacted by ratbags . I have had letters published with only my name and suburb shown to the public . Imagine my surprise when various people , not many , take the trouble to search in the phone book etc to obtain my full address and send abusive mail . The part that gets me though is that these gutless wonders never provide a name or address so that I could return the favour . I still write/email letters and occasionally one gets through but not often . They must receive mountains of letters so if 1 gets up I,m satisfied . If it doesn,t , well why should it ?

  110. Norman Hanscombe

    To make it easy for you, geomac, name ONE post on this thread which addresses the substantive issues involved in Craig’s path to parliament. As for dredging through ancient graves in archives looking for a possible pearl, having seen you wandering blithely in one of your personal intellectual cemeteries, why traipse through more?

  111. geomac62

    Norman Hanscombe
    I,m not your research assistant and have I believe addressed your original request . Don,t like it , stiff cheddar . Are you Norm or SB maybe wizz aka troothie , impossible to know . If your that interested look for yourself . No pearls though , fairly basic stuff .

  112. geomac62

    Had a look at my list of Blondie songs and found another for Ed ,hanging on the telephone . Heart of glass for Mirabella , Dreaming for Hockey and the tide is high for Greg Hunt . Rip her to shreds could be for Abbott but also for SB/wizz etc . I wasn,t game to choose Rapture or In the flesh for anybody , bit creepy .

  113. geomac62

    Island of lost souls for Norman or if not a Blondie fan try Dance Macabre by Saint Sans > Norman has a thing for cemeteries , graves .

  114. Edward James

    Craig Thomsons home raid and what it means for Labor? It will take a while for Labor to work out as membership is so small they have become politically inbred. Edward James

  115. Edward James

    Ge when you write about gutless wonders not providing their contact details for you. I must ask on behalf of those politically active subscribers who do identify themselves and provide contact details. Why you post stuff on Crikey strings like this one without identifying yourself ? Ge tell us all what is it you are trying to achieve with your nom de plume, hidden identity posts? Edward James

  116. geomac62

    The gutless wonders I was referring to send abusive letters anonymously . They don,t engage in debate or discussion just abuse . Is that clear enough for you Ed ?
    Now if you choose to have your name etc thats entirely up to you , your the exception , not the rule . I use the login geomac62 and thats my choice . Don,t like it ? Then ignore posts , simple . If you don,t want me to respond to your posts , tough titties . Deal with what Crikey provides or go to a site that suits your agenda if any exists . There are probably some but I imagine their people all saying the same thing , echo chamber comes to mind .
    ABBA ! Ring Ring why don,t you give me a call . There is another song for you ED . Sadly I think Whichita Lineman is more your song .

  117. Maccas

    Can any of you remember Pauline Hanson? Tony Abbott went after her when she was a threat to the Libs and we all know what happened there, she went to jail on false evedence, cleared later.Mr Abott is at it again, the hand-writting was checked before and found to be from a different hand, not Craige Thompsons. It seems funny the minutes from the meeting where he complained about the threat to set him up have gone missing, how many times doe’s he have to be cleared. The raid was for show, if he did have paper’s there that could harm him do you really think he would have kept them with all this sh–t going on, wake up people, I hope with all my heart that phony Tony never get’s the job, I just wish some-one would dig into his past, he reminds me of a Saturday after-noon gangster. Maccas

  118. GeeWizz

    [“the hand-writting was checked before and found to be from a different hand, not Craige Thompsons”]

    Oh dear… just like Craig Thomson you are delusional and making stuff up.

    Craig Thomson has claimed this in his failed def4mation case against Fairfax newspaper. You remember that one don’t you, that’s the one where Craig Thomson bailed off the horse half-stream and ended up costing the ALP $500,000 in legal fee’s?

    It’s now up to the police, not the pixies in the garden CT uses to check his handwriting. I’m sure they won’t be using CT’s “supplied” handwriting sample and will be more interested rather in his older, untouched samples.

  119. Norman Hanscombe

    Maccas, I can even remember WHY Pauline Hansen was elected. Ironically she had no chance in a seat which was the only one in Qld Labor had never lost until Keating’s attacks made her so famous the Libs dis-endorsed her. Had she remained an endorsed Liberal candidate, Labor would have won; but as an independent she appealed to many Labor voters who couldn’t have brought themselves to give their vote to a Liberal, and we lost the seat for the first time in its history.
    As for Craig Thomson, let’s hope you finally comprehend what was being done by Craig during his long-term plan to obtain (among other things) a parliamentary career. I fear your decisions may still be made as you admitted, “with all (your) heart” being the dominant factor; but if ever you permit your head to reduce your heart’s current dominant role in decision making, there may yet be hope for you.
    Good luck.

  120. geomac62

    Norman Hanscombe
    Slight variation to the events .
    Leading up to the election, Hanson advocated the abolition of special government assistance for Aborigines, and she was disendorsed by the Liberal Party. Ballot papers had already been printed listing Hanson as the Liberal candidate, and the Australian Electoral Commission had closed nominations for the seat. As a result, Hanson was still listed as the Liberal candidate when votes were cast.

  121. Norman Hanscombe

    Geomac, congrats first on doing something few do on the internet, namely addressing the actual material.
    in relation to your “slight variation to the events” Hanson didn’t advocate “the abolition of special government assistance for Aborigines”. In fact she had some local aborigines backing her because they supported her call which was dealing with rorts in that system. Her aboriginal supporters even had momentary coverage on television until the ABC apparently decided it wasn’t newsworthy.
    After she was attacked savagely by Keating and dis-endorsed by the Liberal Party her publicity was enormous. It wasn’t printed ballot papers which gave her a major victory but popular local support from voters who had waited three years for revenge on Keating and felt — rightly or wrongly is irrelevant — that Labor no longer cared about them.
    I’ve been working for the ALP on booths since W.W.II, and politics has been my main interest; but I always work hard at not allowing my personal views shape my interpretation of events. It’s a far more painful approach than simply choosing sides and accepting only whatever reinforces one’s beliefs.

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