Oct 24, 2012

Craig Thomson’s home raid and what it means for Labor

The link between this morning's raid on Craig Thomson's family's house and the fall of the Gillard government remains a tenuous one. There are plenty of hoops first.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

This morning’s dawn raid on Craig Thomson’s home while his young family slept — pre-leaked by police to the media who wet themselves over pictures beamed to breakfast television — is highly unlikely to have any implications for the longevity of the Gillard government.

They are essentially the same credit card claims, stemming from Thomson’s five-year term as Health Services Union national secretary from 2002-2007, first raised by Mark Davis on the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald way back in April 2009.

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121 thoughts on “Craig Thomson’s home raid and what it means for Labor

  1. Jimmy

    This won’t impact the govt’s tenure or it’s prospects for re-eletion any more than it already has – people have made up their mind on the issue and now don’t particularly care and I doubt that anyfindings will be handed down beofre next years election (or at the very least early enough for a by elecion to be held).

  2. Ruprecht

    I’m not comfortable with cops tipping off the press before a raid in this type of investigation — Thomson is hardly Al Capone.

  3. Jimmy

    Ruprecht – I find that bit more than a little disturbing as well – questions really should be asked who tipped them off, why & what did they get in return.

  4. Cyndi

    By ‘Bateau Bay press pack’ I assume you mean Ray Hadley?

  5. GeeWizz

    And we had Craig Thomson with his usual weak excuse “It twasn’t me, honest mister!”

    If FWA had done it’s job properly this guy would be out of parliament by now.

    As to tipping off the media, seems to be standard practice in a lot of these high profile cases. It’s amazing that the Labor hacks are more worried about that then they are of someone ripping off low paid union members of 1/2 Million dollars to live the high life… ahhh.. Labor values

  6. Filth Dimension

    @Geewizzbangguffaw!!!. You really should spend less time thinking about Labor values and more time on the value of your posts.

  7. Jimmy

    Well said Filth – when Geewizz get’s some credibility by making just one factual statement regarding policy, economics or even predicting political implications of any given situation then maybe his posts may be given some weight, but I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.

  8. drmick

    Murdoch press tipped off by cops….now where has that happened before? Melbourne?………..Terrorist raid?…….Britain?……..ongoing investigations…….? Nah. It could never happen here? Could it?
    And I see the special bus has pulled into the handicap parking space early today. Wonder where Aunty Sophie & Great Great Great granny Bron took the wizzer and her speial friends today. No where near reality it seems.

  9. Scott

    “Despite his suspension from Labor, he is still close to local party figures and appeared not to rule out another run next year as an endorsed candidate. ”

    Maybe a new definition of behaviour is required…Armstronging : To honestly believe you are innocent of an allegation, regardless of the merit or wealth of evidence that is put up against you.

    Is Craig Thomson armstronging? I’ll let others be the judge.

  10. The Pav


    If Geewhizz and the odious Suzanne Blake were genuine in their concerns about standards they would:-
    Express their concern about Mirabella’s conduct which certainly has a long way to go. Elder financial abise is rife and needs to be stamped out

    I mean they’re rabitting on about a cross bencher who hasn;t been convicted yet were happy for their party to contain a convicted shop lifeter who only left after further convictions.

    Liberal Party drones that they are so they lack etics to go along with their lack of policies

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