Oct 23, 2012

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22 thoughts on “The Surplus you have when you’re not having a Surplus

  1. Holden Back

    I hope he also lets them know a surplus is not just for the holidays. Someone will have to feed it and clean up after it . . .

    How do I know it won’t be the press gallery?

  2. Stevo the Working Twistie

    So true Holden. Surpluses are notoriously hungry, and then they go through that stage at about 18 months of age where they chew absolutely everything. And you might end up with one that howls at the moon. Wait, sorry, that’s Opposition Leaders.

  3. paddy

    Shame on you FD.
    Always lusting after the new best thing.
    Whatever happened to that poor, unloved deficit?
    You cartoonists are so fickle.

  4. klewso

    See if you want to keep it after you see what it eats.

  5. klewso

    They’re related to Nibblonians.

  6. zut alors

    What word describes a surplus of surpluses?

    An insight from the Carole Bayer Sager song ‘Don’t Wish Too Hard’ which I dedicate to the fickle and feckless commentariat:

    ‘What you really wanted and what you really wished for
    You never really wanted at all’

  7. rhwombat

    …so the surplus goes “meep! meep!” and Wiley Rabbot has just had a character building experience with the Acme PM. Toon memes collide.

  8. drmick

    Spot on again FD. The real joke will be if the wreckers get in next year. With their numbers man unable to see his toes let alone use them when he is doing his sums, they are going to have double the black hole their sums had last time.

  9. Andybob

    Does it do tricks or do we just sit around stroking it compulsively ?

  10. Mike Smith

    And I wanted to see FD wearing a surplice. It’d be a service to us all.

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