Oct 23, 2012

IR media debate ‘without rigour, logic, fact and integrity’

A leading industrial lawyer has teed-off on the state of IR debate in the Australian media. It "occurs without any scientific, factual or empirical basis" -- especially at "right-wing blog" The Australian.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Australia’s highest-flying employment lawyer has offered up a savage assessment of the state of industrial relations journalism and discussion in Australia, zeroing in on the role played by national broadsheet The Australian in distorting the terms of the debate.

Maurice Blackburn principal Josh Bornstein, in a speech delivered to the Australian Industry Group today and obtained by Crikey, unloads on the standard of public dialogue, slamming it as a “debate that occurs without any scientific, factual or empirical basis. It lacks rigour, logic, fact and integrity. It is enough to make a cretin weep.”

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5 thoughts on “IR media debate ‘without rigour, logic, fact and integrity’

  1. klewso

    And they’ve got a PCP – like Howard’s “Ministerial Code of Conduct” – for “when they run out of toilet paper” too?

  2. elknwit

    So Andrew, we’ll get the plain objective truth we are denied in that “right-wing-blog” The Australian from good old labour lawyer and paid up IR club member Josh Bornstein from rusted-on Labor law firm Maurice Blackburn……who are you kidding?!

  3. Hamis Hill

    High wages drive the application of labour saving devices which lead to higher productivity.
    It must be apparent that those of whom the leading industrial lawyer complains do not know the author of the above sentence.
    High wages reduce the interest rates upon which the idle rich live hence the need for the idle rich to deceive and oppress the public, who benefit from high wages and low interest rates. Author! Author! Author?
    It follows that those of whom the leading industrial lawyer complains are not interested in productivity.
    Their game is low wages, low savings and high interest rates and happiness for their employers, the idle rich.
    In contrast the management of the burgeoning Asian region have studied the father of economics and reject the complacent and destructive mediocre productivity of Australia’s politicised management.
    The latter have no lessons to learn, they already know everything without ever having read the “Wealth of Nations” and their misplaced pride and arrogance cometh before their fall.( Abbott’s foot planted firmly on top of a children’s meal table in Indonesia is typical of the mind set)
    Just getting a flunkey government elected to serve only the narrow (minority) interests of their ultimate employers
    is their version of productivity.
    It simply won’t work.

  4. JamesH

    An interesting study by Goldman Sachs published in 2009 actually showed an inverse relationship between capital productivity and GDP growth, while Labour productivity and MFP track GDP growth quite well.
    Why more productive capital should be bad for economic growth, I’m not sure – perhaps because it indicates existing capital being used more intensively, rather than investment in new capital which is not yet online?

    The graph is Chart 23 of the Goldman Sachs report “Australia’s Hidden Resource: The Economic Case For Increasing Female Participation”

  5. CML

    I have always thought that all the Ltd News newspapers need a department of “fact checking”. Ditto the Fin Review of recent times. After all, if it’s good enough for Alan Jones….
    There is always a deep sense of anger when you read an article in The Australian, and half way through it, you know that what you are reading is just NOT true. If you are reasonably intelligent, a little research quickly proves the point. Josh Bornstein (or anyone else with half a brain) is right to point this out. I don’t care what side of politics they come from, blatant misrepresentation of the facts, is just not on!

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