Oct 23, 2012

In this Asian century, who in business is talking the talk?

Are we unprepared for the so-called Asian Century? A new report saying we rate poorly on Asian knowledge and languages is a wake-up call to corporations, writes business journalist Charis Palmer.

How do you teach an old white man new tricks? That’s the question facing corporate Australia as it wanders into the Asian Century woefully unprepared.


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2 thoughts on “In this Asian century, who in business is talking the talk?

  1. Tony D'Ambra

    Go to any Australian university graduation ceremony and you will be in no doubt that our tertiary education sector is making a massive contribution to Asian economic expansion. We have a fount of goodwill. Most likely it will be squandered by our xenophobia – which is not just business’ problem.

  2. Paul Butler

    I went to the International Directors’ Course last year run by the AICD and was staggered that hardly anyone there could speak an Asian language. Apart from people who lived in Asia (me and one other participant) everyone (participants and presenters) were mono-lingual and had a serious lack of understanding about the varied cultures in Asia. Maybe the next generation of leaders will have the language and cultural skills to enable Australian companies to exploit the Asia Century, but I don’t have much confidence

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