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Oct 22, 2012

Because what people want to read is old white men yelling at the internet



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20 thoughts on “Because what people want to read is old white men yelling at the internet

  1. Liz A

    I LOVE your punchable gloating face Firstdog. Is there any way that I can get that as a mask on a stick to hold up to my face as I walk past the Herald Sun offices in Southbank of a morning?

  2. drmick

    There must be a place in your office where you can irritate that old sphincter Farmer and watch him choke his lumpy bits; His wit & wisdom join the Main Sewer Media at the bile filled hack entry and just keeps on getting funnier and funnier as he gets more frustrated and angrier.

  3. ernmalleyscat

    Haha yes the ‘attack fop’ braying away having a good old attack fap was very entertaining. I keenly await the sequel.

    And congratulations on the continued progress of the dog juggernaut to media domination with the Walkies nomination.

  4. zut alors

    ‘…a jar of Pet er Slipp ers…’ – Mr Dog is en forme. And it’s only Monday.

    That paywall has effectively cut them off and walled them all in – entombed in the Old Publishing mire.

  5. klewso

    I thought Conroy and Brown had had more to say about “vaginas”?

  6. paddy

    What’s *truly* adorable about this toon FD, is that I’m sure you enjoyed drawing it as much as we enjoyed reading it.


    P.S. Extra points today for the paywall snark.

  7. cyberfysh

    Ah, the readers are revolting … still/again.

    And yes, Zut, nice to think of the paywalls as constructing the mausoleum of Old Publishing.

  8. klewso

    This is what happens when readers go feral, finding other places to satisfy their curiosity – tired of a tabloid diet of predigested pap – they start thinking for themselves?
    [A little knowledge might be a bad thing – but it hasn’t stood in the way of quite few hacks making a career out of prejudice.]

    It’s the end of the world as they know it – and we feel fine.

  9. zut alors

    re ‘punchable gloating face’ :

    be vigilant, Firsty, remember what happened to Crikey’s venerable founder, Mr Mayne, at the 2006 Walkley’s p*ss up. Mind you, it gave him hero status for a while.

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Sometimes it’s difficult to pick a hack from a punter. This morning’s ‘Age’ led with “”Gillard’s Stocks Continue to Rise”” written by leading scribe, Michelle Grattan. On page two there is another-smaller- article, by the same writer, headlined “Opinions of Leaders Sour.” It too is based on The Age/Nielson poll. It makes the point that the only gain by Julia Gillard is in the area of foreign policy. Otherwise “Mr Abbott’s ratings have fallen by lesser amounts.”

    Hello? Anybody home?

  11. Andrew L

    Poor old Darth Kerr…. “…you don’t know the power of the dark side… I MUST obey my master…”

  12. Powerfox junior

    Panel 4 is sheer genius, Firsty. A Rumsfeldian (in sentence structure only) summary of the ever-widening chasm between the OWB (and many OWG’s) of the Fourth Estate and us punters. In the 1930s most of their so-called “factual reporting” and “opinion pieces” would have righfully been identified for what it is – propaganda.

  13. rubiginosa

    And then there is the context that he sounds like Andrew Bolt, and already looks like Chris Mitchell. That’s no way to go through life. We haven’t missed the significance of it at all.

  14. Holden Back

    Phen, I think FDOTM is only returning the favour of the smugs of the Press Gallery, so certain we will inevitably be won over by their superior knowledge, insight and rhetorical powers.

    Anyone remeber the fash mag slag Magda from Ab Fab and her view about then newly-introduced journo portraits? Along the lines of: “It’s bad enough I have to read that cr*p without having to look at the b*st*rd what wrote it.” Truer words never spoken.

  15. Chris Johnson

    Send that resonator checker in the red t-shirt to Holt Street stat. Advertising and readership are flatlining. Gallery says social media wrecked the joint.

  16. drmick

    That same wise men have deduced that “families” are taking the brunt of the vicious cutbacks in the mini budget. That would`nt be “families” who were budgeting their $5000, “one for each other and one for the country” breeding “incentive” dreamed up by the team of the un-flushed turd and the smirking merkin to go towards the mortgage on their GFC loan for their Mc Mansion; none of which they could have afforded in the first place is it?

  17. the invigilator

    Ha ha attack fop. How the mighty have left their original friends who now give them shit.

    But seriously, all that’s happening is that Julia is moving into an ‘entrepreneurial’ leadership role – which most politicians had previously vacated (preferring polling) – but which journalists had therefore assumed.

    The journalists like being the entrepreneurs in policy debates. Leading the debate and whatnot. They’re just resentful that Julia has (for how long we’ll find out) taken it back.


  18. pritu

    Bless you FD. Let me tickle your tummy!


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