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Oct 18, 2012



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33 thoughts on “You wouldn’t read about it…

  1. pritu

    Thank you, Dog. Your final panel says it all.

  2. Lee

    I’m with pritu. Obviously there is news and there is NEWS!

  3. Hominoid

    The “Daily Babycino” – time for News(un)Limited to add that publication to its stable.

  4. zut alors

    I could be wrong but didn’t Mr Rabbott swap his python for an octopus?

  5. Mike Smith

    They couldn’t burn him in effigy, that’d give off CO2 (and possibly methane, if he’d had a pulse the night before)

  6. Holden Back

    erhmagerd cerben terx!

  7. drovers cat

    I’m +1 with pritu and Lee
    But I had a secret smile at frame 5 – though we shouldn’t really …

  8. caravanray

    Excellent. 2nd last panel – priceless.

  9. paddy

    I was so deeply affected by your magnificent work today FD, I’ve made an early new year’s resolution.
    Never to wear high heels when travelling in India.

  10. susan winstanley

    Thank you First Dog

  11. Coaltopia

    Nice on FD.

    To all those Juliar-exburbian-LandscapeGuardianTM-Alan-Jones-listening folk who put solar on their rooves to cut-down their ridiculous power bill – and because 2GB had an ad for it – congratulations!

  12. paddy

    In breaking news FD: Even Penny Wong thinks you’re “Amusing…and perhaps even POIGNANT!”

  13. Phen

    That’s the environment saved then eh!

  14. klewso

    So the burning question :- “Why Alla?”?

  15. klewso

    I’m sure I read between their lines somewhere that “the carbon tax caused Gillard to fall over in Dia(?)”?

  16. drmick

    ………..and the leaderless convoy of the cruising tea party and aj fan club were left to wander the country aimlessly; until they finally park the Winnebago at the penny wong home for the grey, gay and incontinent. Amen

  17. Venise Alstergren


    Not even ‘The Age’ put the story on page one.

    Can’t quite read the title of the Daily Shonk. Is it Babycino???

  18. ernmalleyscat

    I learnt last night that camels fart and burp about $300 worth of carbon per head (st $23/tonne). “Shooting a feral camel is like taking two family cars off the road.”
    You don’t see that on the front pages.

  19. Holden Back

    @EMC does that mean if I get rid of my two cars, I can have a camel?!!!

  20. ernmalleyscat

    HB – that seems to be the upshot of it all.
    You have to account for the emissions produced when shooting the cars though.

  21. Mark from Melbourne

    FDOTM you need to calm down a bit. Calling for people to jostle effigies is just over the top and probably communist.

  22. Venise Alstergren

    HOLDEN B: I don’t know how big your garden is….but shoot the cars and get a couple of llamas instead. Be easier to manage than camels. ‘Though I wouldn’t think the azaeleas would stand much of a chance.

  23. Chris Johnson

    Rejoice! Fluffy and Fido rescued from reptilian squeezes, Alan Jones goes to water and Whyalla stages the inaugural annual I Told You So rally. Now that’s a gentler polity!

  24. Andrew L

    I’m not up on all this new-fangled interweb thingy but is this a LOL or a LOLZ?

  25. Maria

    Thank you for once again making me laugh, Dog 🙂

  26. Holden Back

    VENISE A – I have more than enough space for llamas outside the house paddock(maybe even a guanaco, vicuna or alpaca or two!). But I’m not sure about riding them the 45kms to work. The camel would at least let me liberate my Lawrence of Arabia robe collection from the wardrobe.

    EMC, what if I bury the cars? Surely some eccentric pop star wants to be buried in an unregistered 1982 Subaru Wagon?

  27. ernmalleyscat

    HB, Offset Methodologies should be submitted to the Domestic Offsets Integrity Commission for assessment and approval. “Becoming a recognised offset entity is a simple application process, through the CFI administrator, where a project proponent shows that they are a ‘fit and proper’ person.”

  28. Holden Back

    EMC, So, you’re saying the pop star would have to be dead? Bugger.

  29. zut alors

    HB, what’s a Holden doing with a Subaru…

  30. rhwombat

    HB: …either dead or Keef Richards.

  31. Holden Back

    ZUT, bashing a paddock, if I’m still allowed to say that in polite company.

    RH WOMBAT- who could tell?

  32. Venise Alstergren

    HOLDEN: Ah, you do have a point….Well I daresay you have a horse? So ride the horse, shoot the Subaru, give the Holden a rest and use the llamas, guanacos, vicuñas as pack animals.

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