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Oct 18, 2012

Alan Jones’ new porkies test: fact-checker for shock jock

Alan Jones will go back to school on checking his facts and have his editorial copy subbed for errors before being broadcast under new measures from ACMA.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

Alan Jones’ editorial comments will be fact-checked before going to air, under a deal struck between 2GB management and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The controversial broadcaster will also undergo training to ensure his on-air statements are factually accurate and that he understands the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice.

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44 thoughts on “Alan Jones’ new porkies test: fact-checker for shock jock

  1. Jim McDonald

    Journalism 101!

  2. 39loulou

    So what happens when Jones (which we know he’ll do) talks off the cuff, in an unscripted manner and gets the facts wrong?

  3. moonkid

    @39loulou: If they delayed broadcast by a minute, they could bleep out all his non-factual facts!

  4. Venise Alstergren

    There’s no way Alan Jones will stick to the new rules. He’s a vindictive old triss with a shocking temper and no self restraint.

    Ah, the times are a changin’ old färt.

  5. frey

    That’s true moonkid, but a 3-hour long continuous bleep may annoy the audience somewhat.

    Of course, it will be then construed as an attack on Alan’s freedom of speech….

  6. ianjohnno1

    Jones will just tell his listeners (dripping with sarcasm) that what he is saying has been fact-checked, which will indicate that the real facts are what they want to believe.

  7. Andrew McIntosh

    What’s their definition of “facts”, by the way?

  8. John

    Any volunteers to be Mr Jones’ fact-checker?

  9. Venise Alstergren

    JOHN: Here are a couple of suggestions…..Geewhizz and his female counterpart. (I’ve forgotten her name.}

  10. botswana bob

    Who will be employed as his “fact checker”? Cory Bernardi??
    All he has to do to become a certified Murdoch journo is start hacking other peoples’ voice mail.

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