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Oct 17, 2012

Rundle: Obama brings it in Romney rematch

Expectations are high ahead of Obama versus Romney rematch this afternoon, the second of three presidential debates. Mitt's in striking distance of the White House and Barry couldn't possible do worse this time.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Well this is it. On Long Island, New York, at Hofstra University, an echt commuter college with an emblem and a few mockxford-style buildings, they’re setting up for the second presidential debate — and the second one Hofstra has held.

Having hosted the event in ’08, the place has turned itself into politics central. Indeed, it abolished its football team to pay for the event (“they were terrible” said one college grandee, when asked about this sacrilegious move), and the student body has taken up the new branding enthusiastically, turning the day into a huge celebration of mainstream American politics, which is a pretty quintessentially nerdy thing to do. Last time around there was a carnivalesque air, and not too much heaviness, save for around the debate area central. This time, the multitudes have descended, and the place is in lockdown.

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4 thoughts on “Rundle: Obama brings it in Romney rematch

  1. Michelle Imison

    ‘…the place has turned itself into politics central. Indeed, it abolished its football team to pay for the event…’

    Regardless of whether ‘mainstream American politics’ is really, currently worth the ‘celebration’, the nerd in me rejoices at this particular thought…

  2. Salamander

    Maybe Obama has had enough of US politics as democracy implodes.

  3. Tim H

    I think the power of the super-pac money is limited in isolation but has the potential to greatly magnify and prolong the bounce that Romney got. By itself saturation can’t do much when your candidate is shit but the unexpected size of Romney’s recovery in popularity after one single good showing must have something to do with the money. Everyone agreed that until now debates didn’t change the result. What’s different now? Citizen’s United.

    By the way, I think the headline is a bit misleading. But I guess it’s to fool us into thinking the article is post-debate analysis so we will read it. As if we need to be tricked into reading Rundle.

  4. AR

    I hope that I’m wrong but Rundle would find gold in a sewer – I listened live and couldn’t stop cringing and yelling at the whiny adolescent trying to avoid being grounded and having his allowance stopped.
    What will happen in the third will decide the fate of far, far too many, for the next decade. Or ten.

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