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Oct 16, 2012

From the vault: meet blowsy Evan and the deep disquiet of Tea Party faithful

Despite looking like a spectacled jewalike, our correspondent infiltrates a Tea Party-aligned poll squad on the US campaign trail. But will Rundle miss out on the juiciest bit?

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


“You know we’ve got so much to get through, ah think we’ll just skip the last chapter,” said Evan, the breezy woman at the front of the class. Standing beside an overhead projector, with three ranks of eager students attending to her every word, Evan was a tall Texas drink-of-water, with a Farrah hairdo, a long s-xy drawl, and a red rash going from her neck and down her chest. Curiously, she wore a plunging blouse.

The blemish and the accent gave her an extra dimension, the wounded vulnerability of a Tennessee Williams heroine, interest, backstory. She had seen and suffered much. She was here for a serious purpose. Today, that purpose was voter fraud, the prevention thereof, and she cast a steely eye over the ranks, 30 or so potential recruits for True The Vote, the utterly non-partisan, unquestionably entirely independent voting supervision outfit that was started by a Texas Tea Party outfit, and has now spread through the country, based on nothing more than commitment, hard work and nearly a million smackeroos from DC-based right-wing fundraising outfits.

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21 thoughts on “From the vault: meet blowsy Evan and the deep disquiet of Tea Party faithful

  1. susan winstanley

    Great story Guy, this is where the action will be if Romney gets within a whisker of winning

  2. Michael James

    “Individual at-the-poll-place identity fraud is vanishingly small”

    Jesus Rundle, you must be smarting at the recent revelations that Democrat National Committee employees were assisting voter fraud, and got caught on tape doing so.

    That follows on from voter fraud practices that saw the ACORN get out to vote group closed down for massive, systemic voter fraud last year, including registering people’s names found on headstones.

    In fact Democrat Attorney general Eric Holder is on the record as stating voter fraud is a problem.

    Voter fraud is a growing problem in the US, unfortunately the States refuse to implement either a state or national voter registration system or mandate that identification be produced to verify the vote.

    As such voter fraud will continue to grow as a problem until they do.

  3. johnb78

    Michael James: as Guy noted yesterday, while voter fraud does exist, almost all documented cases in the US involve postal/advance voting, whilst almost none involve people impersonating other (real or fictional) people at physical polling stations.

    The former is easy and almost risk-free to organise in bulk; the latter is difficult and carries high risks of detection (since you either need huge numbers of people in on the scam, or a single person to vote multiple times in disguise).

  4. paddy

    Downright scary to think of what was in that bain marie.
    So many unhappy people, so much mis-information.
    Glad it was you, not me, on today’s little adventure Guy.

  5. Andybob

    @ Michael James

    The record here on planet Earth has Eric Holder stating “voter fraud is a problem that does not really exist”.

    Changing that into “voter fraud is a problem” is … strange. Next thing you know you’ll be hanging tea bags off your hat….

  6. the invigilator

    Wow. You’ve been to MULTIPLE of these things. Dedication!!

  7. moe hassan

    haha, I’m starting to think guy actually enjoys cavorting around with these rustic provincial morons. great reading as always.

  8. mary singh

    Obama will go down as the worst President in American history.’ Soon he will be gone and a real man Called President Mitt Romney will have to reshape America and bring it back to its former glory days. It wont be long now.**==

  9. Rourke

    “… it comes from a deep, foundational disquiet that (mary singh’s) fantasy America does not match the real one”

  10. zut alors

    ‘…me, in hornrims and three-day growth looking like a Jewish ACLU lawyer with a great bebop LP collection…’

    From today this hilarious image of Rundle is permanently imprinted.

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