Oct 16, 2012

Alan Jones’ sponsors return (and then one departs)

The ad breaks were back on Alan Jones' 2GB breakfast show this morning. But the big-name sponsors stayed away, and another car company joined them.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

After six days of ABC-style broadcasting, the ad breaks were back on Alan Jones' 2GB breakfast show this morning. It'll be a relief for John Singleton and 2GB's other shareholders -- but they've still got a way to go before they return to the glory days when the Parrot's show raked in an estimated $80,000 a day in ad revenue. Most of Jones' big-name former sponsors -- including Mercedes Benz, Woolworths, Coles, Dilmah, Hyundai, Slater and Gordon, and Telstra -- stayed away, obviously petrified by the "cyber-terrorism" and "cyber-bullying" being waged by Jones' online opponents. Among those who did book ad space, as chronicled by the Destroy the Joint group, were weight loss pill makers FATaway, Masterton Homes, Premier Cabs, Suzuki and Paul’s Warehouse. Two hours after Jones turned off his mic, Suzuki had already bowed to the social media backlash and pulled advertising. It'll be fascinating to see who stays put, and who buckles, as the deluge of angry emails pour into sponsors' inboxes today.

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7 thoughts on “Alan Jones’ sponsors return (and then one departs)

  1. fredex

    Why did you use this phrase – “obviously petrified by the “cyber-terrorism” and “cyber-bullying””?

    Adopting the propaganda language of one very partisan side of an issue and repeating such spin [even with the parentheses] is to give that spin credibility and validity which it does not deserve.
    It presents the issue in the preferred language and concepts of just one, very biased, side involved in the issue.
    It is playing the game by the rules of one side and not presenting the issue objectively or in a balanced way.

    I know you probably did not intend the use of such partisan terminology to be taken as an endorsement of such, hence the use of parentheses, but nevertheless it has the impact of doing so.

  2. izatso?

    ….no need to know …. care factor …. till it sqwarks once more ….

  3. Edward James

    I tried listening to Alan Jones with out the ads it was boring! how strange. Edward James

  4. drmick

    If you like watching a man kicking a dog? then this is your show. You wont get to see it exactly, but you will get the picture, every moment the show is on. When the man kicking the dog gets tired, he rests by telling you about people who like the people who like watching a man kicking a dog. They are you advertisers.


    So all you need for “ABC-style broadcasting” is to drop the advertising! So, no need to invest in anything, all you need is a parrot and a microphone.

  6. pritu

    Those of you lauding the SMH and the ABC as alternative and unbiased by default can’t have been exposed to how they’ve been performing lately. The Murdoch virus has well and truly infected them. Very sad in the case of the ABC that their news and current affairs programmes seem to read off the Ltd News website verbatim, or with minimal rephrasing.

  7. Edward James

    @ dmick rate paying taxpayers like me Edward James 0243419140 are being kicked to bits by all our elected representatives at all three levels of government. crikey has access to information, what it dose with that information is up to them. But my subscription was paid because I expected to continue what Stephen Mayne created.

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