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Oct 15, 2012



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27 thoughts on “Electricity Bill Shock Gate Exposed!

  1. drmick

    Which caterer did they use to do their forensic accounting this time? Harry’s Cafe de Wheels? Lumpy Lardclacker the treasurer always goes for the caterers in the hope of getting kickback discounts. We will definitely be on the gravy train if he gets to fiddle the books.

  2. izatso?

    Off the record, Tony Abbott has ordered that all Conservatives deny themselves the use of their peripheral vision, due to the shortage of blinkers (another free market stuff up, dont look), but to watch carefully for the traffic. It’s true, google the sucker …..

  3. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Remember, Mrs Oldperson is in Perth. Do you have any idea of the sort of power you need to allow a radio receiver in Perth to pick up Alan Jones? This would not only explain the enormity of the bill, but also the widespread brown-outs across the Perth Metro area from about 3am local time on weekdays.

  4. Andybob

    I blame the carbon tax. It’s caused Tony’s staffers to turn all the lights off in his office so no one can actually read anything before its tabled in Parliament.

  5. zut alors

    The problem is glaringly obvious – Mrs Oldperson’s fridge magnet was from a Made in China batch which wrongly read: alarmed but not alert.

    An apt motto for Mr Rabbott and his front bench.

  6. First Dog On The Moon

    are you the same zut alors who got a shout out from Farmer? ARE YOU?

  7. Andrew L

    Is it the tax on carbon paper?

  8. drovers cat

    It has to be him, ‘dog. How many zut alors’ do you know with bull horns?

  9. Phen

    How on earth does the old dear use that much power? Does she have an illegal hydroponics lab?

  10. ernmalleyscat

    After having recently gone through a three month battle with my electricity provider to get them to accept the fact that their meter reader read one of the dials wrong and came up with a doubling of usage, I think I can see what has happened.
    All Valmay and the crack team have to do is make four (4) phone calls to separate nice people at the call centre who promise to see to it, then have the same meter reader make the same mistake, then take a photo of the meter and email it to the company and finally receive a bill for the correct amount. Oh, and then get an overdue reminder for the wrong bill.

  11. Mike Smith

    If it’s usage a quarter I’m not surprised. Usage across (cold) winter vs usage against (balmy) Autumn? Rabbott’s balmy all year around though.

  12. Venise Alstergren

    It was the fault of nobody/everybody. The power company had taken the decision to outsource the mail dept using Cambodia’s postal service. The bill was sent two days before Easter but when it arrived in Oz the whole country was shut down for the holiday.

    At the end of Easter the A/C was accidentally returned to sender, where it arrived just in time for Cambodian New Year-when the whole country is shut down for festivities.

    Valmay Oldbody had been expecting its arrival and when it didn’t she leaped to the assumption she wasn’t going to receive it at all. So she spent the ten intervening days on the ‘phone to all her relos and friends telling them how she’d been on an economy drive and saving power.

    The unfortunate Valmay had been born in Victoria which meant the rellos still lived there, causing Valmay’s ‘phone bills to be v pricey indeed.

  13. Mike Smith

    @Venise: The Cambodians celebrate Easter? How ecumenical of them.

  14. Recalcitrant.Rick

    But seriously folks, the man (Abbott) can’t even read an electricity bill yet 53% of Australians will vote for him? Are we all stupid or what?

  15. klewso

    Good thing she didn’t have a heart attack – how much power do those defibrillators use?

  16. Holden Back

    Running a grow lab is not cheap.

  17. klewso

    “Oldperson”? What’s “Valmay” hiding from?
    But giving this to MrAbbott to rub Juliar’s nose in, in public, she sounds like a real patriot.

  18. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    I love you all.

  19. Plonkoclock

    Had a similar problem, EMC. The new meter reader couldn’t be bothered pushing away a few leaves, and gave us an “estimate” for the quarter. HUGE difficulties in getting past those nice people, to eventually find someone who reduced the bill by about $200, based on actual consumption..

  20. AR

    Not unlike Conan Doyle’s no shit, Shelrock! story, “The Seven percent Solution”, highly detailed missing of the dog’s balls..err..sorry, not yours FDotM.

  21. drmick

    Valmay, a photo of Tony, and the newly installed, mains operated three phase industrial strength vibrator. The Power and the Passion……. and the Bill.

  22. izatso?

    Eeeaughakhackoffptooeydrmick ! Nurse !

  23. klewso

    Maybe she’s been doing a lot of “washing”?

  24. Steve777

    I find the Carbon Pricing ‘debate’ depressing. No discussion on the merits of Carbon pricing as a means of reducing Carbon emissions to meet Australia’s bipartisan target. No discussion of the form that pricing has been implemented. No discussion of the Oppositions alternative ‘Direct Action’ plan. Opposition spokespeople don’t argue that this will help us reach the target with less cost and pain. No suggestions that we should drop the target. No discussion that we should not try to curb emissions but adapt to a warmer world. In fact, there is no real discussion on whether warming is happening except from those with vested commercial or political interests in blocking or delaying action, although the Opposition appears to be aligning itself with the forces that say there is no problem. All we hear absurd bluster and hyperbole, gloom and doom, the end of the world as we know it because your electricity bill’s going up and it’s all that terrible Juliar’s fault. Why isn’t anyone looking at the Opposition’s plans to address Climate Change? Why does the Opposition have a multi-billion dollar ‘Direct Action’ plan that no credible commentator thinks will work address a problem that about half of Opposition members don’t believe exists?


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