Oct 15, 2012

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27 thoughts on “Electricity Bill Shock Gate Exposed!

  1. drmick

    Which caterer did they use to do their forensic accounting this time? Harry’s Cafe de Wheels? Lumpy Lardclacker the treasurer always goes for the caterers in the hope of getting kickback discounts. We will definitely be on the gravy train if he gets to fiddle the books.

  2. izatso?

    Off the record, Tony Abbott has ordered that all Conservatives deny themselves the use of their peripheral vision, due to the shortage of blinkers (another free market stuff up, dont look), but to watch carefully for the traffic. It’s true, google the sucker …..

  3. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Remember, Mrs Oldperson is in Perth. Do you have any idea of the sort of power you need to allow a radio receiver in Perth to pick up Alan Jones? This would not only explain the enormity of the bill, but also the widespread brown-outs across the Perth Metro area from about 3am local time on weekdays.

  4. Andybob

    I blame the carbon tax. It’s caused Tony’s staffers to turn all the lights off in his office so no one can actually read anything before its tabled in Parliament.

  5. zut alors

    The problem is glaringly obvious – Mrs Oldperson’s fridge magnet was from a Made in China batch which wrongly read: alarmed but not alert.

    An apt motto for Mr Rabbott and his front bench.

  6. First Dog On The Moon

    are you the same zut alors who got a shout out from Farmer? ARE YOU?

  7. Andrew L

    Is it the tax on carbon paper?

  8. drovers cat

    It has to be him, ‘dog. How many zut alors’ do you know with bull horns?

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