The most intriguing question in the Australian media right now is: who will replace Neil Breen as editor of The Sunday Telegraph, the nation’s top selling newspaper?

Many News Limited watchers thought the decision would be announced during — or immediately after — Rupert Murdoch’s recent visit down under. Yet the great man came and went with none of us any the wiser.

Breen himself says he has no idea about who’ll get the gig.

One name being floated as a likely contender is Daily Telegraph deputy editor Mick Carroll. The former Townsville Bulletin editor is little-known outside the company, but is very well-respected inside it.

Former deputy editor Chris Dore is also seen as a strong contender, but there’s doubt about him filling the post given he was appointed editor of Perth’s Sunday Times in April. Another former Tele dep ed, Women’s Weekly editor Helen McCabe, says she’s happy at ACP Magazines and will be staying put for the foreseeable future.

Mia Freedman’s name has been mentioned in the press, but it’s hard to see how she could take up the job without stepping away from her popular Mamamia website.

When Breen’s replacement is announced — and it won’t be long given he leaves for Channel Nine this month — another question will then take centre stage: will, or won’t, the new Sunday Tele editor be working for Daily Telegraph head honcho Paul Whittaker? Breen certainly wasn’t.