Em O’Loughlin is undoubtedly a talented entertainer – she is very likeable and her repertoire of facial expressions and accents could alone warrant their own show.

Em has a charming on stage presence and her story telling is polished, but it’s not ‘stitch in the side’ humour.

She brings to life a number of female characters each night, and this show is focused on introducing a new lady to the lounge – a mature British actress, Diana.  Diana is an eccentric woman with an overrated view of her acting abilities – Em plays her well but she shines brightest when taking on the roles of her Irish and Scottish grandmothers.

She plays out stories from her childhood and these are the best parts of the show, really showcasing Em’s life experiences.

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It’s not until the end of the show that the audience discovers her amazing accomplishment – losing over 80kg (incredible!).  It left me wanting to hear even more about her story, as she puts it, pre and post ‘big fatty boombah’.

Reviewed by Nicole Humphreys.

Em O’Loughlin presents ‘The Ladies Lounge’
is performing every night at the Butterfly Club from 9 – 14 October,  8 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.  9 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday.