Oct 10, 2012

Radio chiefs’ error: mistaking social media for traditional media

Mainstream media powerbrokers only understand social media in traditional media terms, undermining their efforts to deal with it.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

In a text dripping with impotent fury, outraged victimhood and plain Don’t-Get-Itness, Macquarie Radio’s statement that it was yanking all advertising from the Alan Jones show on the weekend was a revealing insight into the mindset of a company that is convinced it is under siege.

There was the reference to bullying, of course, which yielded such a rich harvest of irony and schadenfreude for a network so reliant on professional bullies. But it was illuminating for more significant reasons.

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6 thoughts on “Radio chiefs’ error: mistaking social media for traditional media

  1. klewso

    MRN – “Industrial strength navel gazing”?

  2. klewso

    And the main problem they and the rest of the msm has with social media is they can’t “control/edit/frame the dialogue” to suit their agenda/narrative?
    It really is the sort of free-speech they “crusade” for (as long as that’s on their terms)?

  3. klewso

    The impact probably is overestimated, but this is an industry built on, and feeds off fear, “hyper-bowl”, hysterics, PR and image.

    [It’s a bit like Animal Farm isn’t it? With Napolean and Squealer installed on the top rung, the rest of the animals below their status….? Then along come these “Fredericks” of “The Socialist Media Farm”.]

  4. Coaltopia

    I liked @MrDenmore’s comments in reference to @BenEltham’s New Matilda piece that: “traditional media bosses are like nightclub bouncers outside clubs that no-one wants to join”.

  5. Vincent O'Donnell

    I’m not certain ‘free speech’ and Alan Jones’ program are terms that go together. AJ’s program is a carefully crafted product with a distinct brand and the content is carefully manufactured to serve a customer demand. AJ and the callers allowed on air share a high number of common opinions. To a large degree, then, he is preaching to the converted. Only wider media coverage of his opinions reaches new audiences. Perhaps wee should just have a news blackout rather than an advertiser boycott.

  6. AR

    Hands up anyone, single celled amoeba could wave a cilium, who believes AJ’s constant claim that the calls of obsequious support are unfiltered, and in order of arrival.

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