Oct 10, 2012

Gillard fires up, Slipper fired: the pundits’ verdict

Julia Gillard's impassioned attack on Tony Abbott and Peter Slipper's resignation fired up political pundits. Who won the politics on a dramatic parliamentary day?

Yesterday was a day like no other in parliament, with Julia Gillard’s impassioned attack on Tony Abbott and finally Peter Slipper’s resignation from the speaker’s chair. So who won the politics? The nation’s opinion writers have their say …

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24 thoughts on “Gillard fires up, Slipper fired: the pundits’ verdict

  1. Hamis Hill

    How many more Slippers are there hiding in the conservative ranks?
    While the MSM prefer to screech about governmemt screeching Slippers Mark I, II,III etc will continue to escape scrutiny.
    All the way into government seems to be the plan.
    Oh the hypocrisy!

  2. Holden Back

    Well I reckon . . . .

    Independent of any facts of the matter, or any nuance of resignation versus being forced from an office,our glorious fourth estate at work.

    Only Jennifer Hewitt seems to get what has been wrought in this. Now no private utteranaces – which the text messages were- is now off limits to judge ‘character’. The quotes are because it’s not about fitness for office any more, it’s about playing on personalities and foibles for political points. This means anyone with any kind of past (or character or charisma) will now think longer and harder about running for elected office.

    At least it clears the way for the party hacks – we defenitely need more of them in parliament.


    The media have lost any standard of objectivity when they compare some private badinage with the relentless public sexism that Abbott has unleashed with the aid of the Murdoch stable.

    Slipper’s salty language did not ridicule any woman or question her legitimacy, and yet journalists have all suddenly been ‘shocked’ by his private ‘front bar’ comments, and happily trumpeted the cynical and opportunistic line of the Opposition.

    Die MSM, die, die of shame, as Tony Abbott and his parrot would say.


    Ok, rephrase that: the MSM just ignore the unrelenting sexism (which they amplify daily) of the Opposition but go feral over a couple off ‘off colour’ remarks by Slipper.

    Really, we have reached peak stupid in our media, and time for the dinosaurs to crawl off and die.

  5. drmick

    Funny how the MSM commentators are the only ones trumpeting Abbots brilliant tactics again. Normal, real people are talking about someone else getting what they deserved.
    Ironic how the same trash parading as churnalists created, wrote the scripts for and then sold the unspeakable disgrace that is the loto. Talk about defending the indefensible; Still, with their head up their Abbotts and Joneses, they are not going to be able to see what is going on in the real world.
    The hypocrisy is definitely breathtaking

  6. Stephen Paul

    gee, the australian MSM barracking for the Liberal opposition, that’s unusual. The issue is about misogynism, abusive language and the growing vitriolic & personal attacks that occupies the social and political spaces of our society, not the alledged hypocricy of the women’s movement and the left. I suggest people look at the international take on PM Gillard’s put down of Abbott.

  7. paddy

    I’m actually wondering if the ‘Slipper text message fallout’, might just give the Govt pause for thought re: The data retention act.
    When *all* your electronic communications are available for future scrutiny, and they *will* be hacked at some point. No one is safe.
    Not politicians, journalists, celebrities, police officers or just plain ordinary folks, who’s lives, for what ever reason, come to the attention of any of the above.
    We are increasingly living in a fishbowl and there are endless ‘helpful’ types polishing the glass.
    I’m sure there are plenty of pollies who sat in parliament yesterday, thinking ‘will I be next?’

  8. jennatilz mckrackin

    Very disappointing to see the ABC’s Emma Alberici, Sabra Lane, Latika Bourke and Fairfax Rags going so hard at Ms Gillard. The speech was so devastating and historically important and all the MSM can focus on is the private messages of a 20year long liberal MP. Regardless of their offensiveness (Sophie Mirabella insults the intelligence of most people on a daily basis), the link that they are the fault of the PM is absurd and the let off Abbott received for calling for the government to die because of it really shows how pathetic the media in this country are.

  9. gloria bennett

    interesting to hear pyne try and rationlise why slippers vote isn’t “tainted”. the difference is, mr pyne, that you can secure slippers vote easier than you can thomson’s. if anyone can’t see through this then they’re a fool, plain and simple.

  10. Savonrepus

    Why does Julia have such a problem with men? Not so long ago it was gentle Kevin she was roasting. My heart goes out for poor ol Tim. One can only imagine.

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