Oct 9, 2012

Rich List trappings and the life aquatic

With as much money as Australia's Rich List members have, and the vast stretches of beautiful coastline to explore, is it any wonder they love to spend it on boats?

Is it the fact we are an island nation? Is it the fact that our ancestors arrived here as boat people? Is it some sort of deep, spiritual connection to the sea?


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3 thoughts on “Rich List trappings and the life aquatic

  1. MJPC

    Frank Lowy “technology that allows the boat to refuelled by helicopter”, that would be a neat trick if the boat was underway and the helo was hovering! Also, what civilian helicopter is equiped for refueling air to sea?
    All I can add is, the whole crew above should not complain about productivity of the workers, with such expoensive toys (sure there is some tax dodge inherent in owning and running one). Seems to me they need to be paying more tax if they can watse money on such ostentacious wealth baubles.
    What an immoral credo is capitalism.

  2. zut alors

    Rich blokes trying to impress each other with the size of their yachts suggests overcompensation for something else. May as well wear a sign.

  3. Ship Ahoy

    (sure there is some tax dodge inherent in owning and running one).

    Buckley’s on that one.

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