Middle East

Oct 9, 2012

Afghanistan caught between a dictator and the Taliban

A report released this week has warned corruption is propelling Afghanistan towards a "devastating political crisis". Student journalist David Donaldson reports.

Plagued by factionalism, corruption and a never-ending Taliban insurgency, the situation in Afghanistan appears to be going from bad to worse. In an extensive report released on Monday, the International Crisis Group claims the country is fast heading for a “devastating political crisis”.


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3 thoughts on “Afghanistan caught between a dictator and the Taliban

  1. Bill Hilliger

    @David Donaldson: Afghani is a unit of currency. A single person is an Afghan and a number of person are referred to as Afghans.

  2. mikeb

    The only thing holding the semblance of unity together in Afghanistan is money. As soon as the troops go & the bribery stops the people in authority will go back to their tribal roots and all will be back to square one. Make no mistake, the Afghans will not tolerate an invader – whether western or arab or kalathumpian. They are biding their time and keeping the powder dry. How the taliban will fit in this remains to be seen.

  3. Andybob

    Finding it hard to recollect a time when Afghanistan was not riven with warlords.

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