Oct 8, 2012

Gillard cops sexist spray in Facebook live chat

Julia Gillard is subject to the usual barrage of sexist trolling when she tries to talk education in a Facebook live chat today, as Crikey intern Sally Whyte discovers.

Julia Gillard may have been hoping for a debate on education when she logged in for a Facebook live chat this afternoon — instead, she got sexist taunts and was told to “get my dinner ready”.


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22 thoughts on “Gillard cops sexist spray in Facebook live chat

  1. paddy

    Nasty stuff. But the PM’s staffers need to organise these sort of events with a decent protocol for moderation.
    If that can’t be arranged on Facebook itself, then they need to find another vehicle.
    Trollfests invariably end up serving no one’s interest but the trolls.

  2. tqft

    I think they should leave it up and point to these people as losers who need help

  3. GeeWizz

    The PM is certainly coming across as precious now…

    Lets not forget what the left used to say about Howard

  4. SusieQ

    What was said about Howard Gee Whiz? Those comments are a disgrace -how can you not be disgusted?

  5. GeeWizz

    Ar5selicker… n4zi… Howard the Coward… uno the usual leftwing attacks.

    The left are very good at attacks but they cry lemon drops when it’s the other way round.

  6. FunkyJ

    I’m not disgusted with this at all.

    What I am disgusted at is anyone can think you can have a reasonable debate and reasonable Q&A on the internet, let alone Facebook!

  7. dave moody

    Gillard you are are low life and need to go .We need an election and now , Carbon Tax is like you Gillard a waste of time.

  8. Barry Filipowski

    Gillard has discovered playing the victim is working wonders for her poll results. Are voters really so vapid they will go “Awww.. they are so mean to her. I disagree with her policies but now I’m going to vote for her anyway, just to show them.” <=== Look: The Labor Re-election Plan!

  9. slickrichard

    Insightful shit Dave moody, thanks for the input.

  10. GeeWizz

    Barry, she’s a woman so saying anything about her or her policies means you are a misogynistic chauvinistic s_xist pig.

    Well thats what Labor and it’s supporters would have you believe

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