Oct 4, 2012

The message to Alan Jones from PNG: ‘enough is enough’

Alan Jones reckons women are "destroying the joint" and money should not be wasted on helping Pacific women. Jo Chandler invites Jones to come to PNG with her to see for himself what life is like there.

Empty or exploitative, self-serving or heartfelt, rambling or masterful — take your pick — it is now thoroughly documented that the Prime Minister received an apology from broadcaster Alan Jones this week. Other women didn’t fare so well from his exercise in grudging humility.

Indeed Jones — in the course of his meandering apologia to Julia Gillard over remarks about her father’s death — marshals a vast community of nameless, faceless, also grieving, largely vulnerable, frequently beaten, financially impoverished but formidably spirited women to his cause. And stomps all over them.

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6 thoughts on “The message to Alan Jones from PNG: ‘enough is enough’

  1. pritu

    What have you done with your website? I haven’t been able to view any of the blogs for the past 3 weeks.

  2. The Pav

    Dear Jo,

    Thank you for the contribution. I am now better informed on an issue I knew ( to my shame) so little.

    Unfortunately I have to point that there is little point in directing it towards the likes of Alan Jones and his followers and acolytes.

    Jones is so far gone in he’s ego mania that reason, fairness, justice etc do not reach him. Unless it fits his particular world view it does not exist. His reality is whatever self decption he happens upon on that day

  3. moonkid

    Wow, the bit about the tribal leader declaring that he wants to wear a skirt gave me shivers. Fascinating stuff, Jo.

  4. Boerwar

    Excellent article.

    At around the same time, Mr Abbott & Co were casually dissing Luxembourg for being ‘small’ and Africans because wtte Ms Gillard was wasting time talking to ‘Africans’ in ‘Geneva’ and not SBY in Bandung.

    That Ms Gillard happened to be in New York meeting with, inter alia, SBY, demonstrated the sort of careless contempt for foreign affairs and foreigners generally that is so typical of the Coalition. Mr Jones treatment of PNG women is, therefore, not an isolated event, but par for this particular course.

  5. Cat Dorey

    I think a lot of people see the tropical Pacific Island Nations as some kind of exotic tropical paradise, which for many of its residents, especially women, couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Thanks for a great article Jo – sobering but also inspiring.

  6. Liz45

    Thanks Jo for an educational article. I think people are just learning that apart from his misogynist behaviour, Jones isn’t very bright. As Mike Carlton said in today’s SMH – he’s dumb – and hides behind his ranting – saying a couple of intelligent words mixed with bile doesn’t denote intelligent thought!

    Sadly, what we’ve learnt via ABC 7.30 about Australia’s money and military support re Indonesia, and the effects on West Papua isn’t in concert with investing money for education. Can’t give with one hand but then participate in the oppression and misery!

    Australia should feel ashamed for remaining silent while there’s so much misery and bloodshed in this part of the world. It’s good that word is getting out about the reality of life for women and kids. Telling Indonesia to stop oppressing people may be a good place to start?

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