The world’s most expensive newspaper? The Australian jacked up its weekday cover price to $2 this week, which got us thinking about the world’s most expensive newspaper (it wouldn’t be The Oz at any rate — The Australian Financial Review comes in at $3 on weekdays). There’s an urban myth The Fin is the world’s most expensive daily, so we thought we’d see how the cover prices of Australian newspapers stack up.

Leading the pack is Switzerland’s Neue Zürcher Zeitung which costs the good folk of Zurich 4Fr daily — that’s A$4.16 on current exchange rates. The neoliberal broadsheet is the most expensive we’ve found so far. For context, the NZZ’s competitor Der Tages Anzeiger (“Der Taggi” to locals) is 3Fr (A$3.12).

Australia’s Fin is still cheaper than Britain’s Financial Times at £2.50 (A$3.93). That’s more than twice the price of The Guardian at £1.20, The Times at £1 and Murdoch’s Sun at 60p. The Washington Post‘s rise has been steep, rising to US$1 in January this year (meaning the paper’s cover price has gone up 76% in five years). The cheapest paper we’ve found so far is Malaysia’s Oriental Daily News — at One Ringgit, it’s only A$0.31.

Crikey analysis: what a newspaper will set you back


Local Price AUD
Panorama (Albania) €1.5 $1.89
Daily Nation (Barbados) BDS$1.25 $0.61
DNES (Czech Republic) €1.90 $2.39
Der Tagesspiegel (Germany) €1.10 $1.38
Jerusalem Post (Israel) NIS 12.00 $3.01
El Universal (Mexico) $10 (Peso) $0.75
Oriental Daily News (Malaysia) 1 Ringgit $0.31
Bisnis Indonesia (Indonesia) 5,900 Rupiah $0.60
Washington Post (USA) US$1 $0.98
The Guardian (UK) £1.20 $1.89
The Times (UK) £1 $1.57
The Financial Times (UK) £2.50 $3.93
Der Tages Anzeiger (Switzerland) 3Fr $3.12
Lietuvos Rytas (Lithuania) 1,99 Lt $0.72
Neue Zuercher Zeitung (Switzerland) 4Fr $4.16
La Nacion (Argentina) $6.20 (Peso) $1.29

Know of a more expensive — or cheaper — paper? Drop us a line. — Crikey intern Sally Whyte

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