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Oct 3, 2012

Bernardi leaps to the defence of Alan Jones

Troubled Senator Cory Bernardi has painted himself and broadcaster Alan Jones as victims of the left, and styled himself as a defender of free speech, in a video posted to YouTube.


Controversial MP Cory Bernardi has returned to the political fray to make common cause with broadcaster Alan Jones, claiming right-wing figures are victims of double standards from the media.

Bernardi, who was hounded from his role as Tony Abbott’s parliamentary secretary last month after linking gay marriage to bestiality, has styled himself as a defender of free speech and quality public debate in an address posted to his personal YouTube channel yesterday.

“As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, if you’re from the left side of politics it appears you can say almost anything without condemnation, but this rule does not seem to apply from those on the right,” Bernardi declared.

“Labor ministers have attacked me, they’ve attacked my colleagues past and present, they’ve twisted and distorted arguments and words in a quest to gain some minute political advantage, heedless of the damage they’re doing to the standards of public debate, and the concept of free speech.”

Bernardi has said little to the media after the bestiality scandal broke, and had not previously defended his comments (or himself) in any detail after he stood down on September 19. (He flew to the UK afterwards to address a young conservatives’ conference, but cancelled his speech at the last minute.)

The right-faction South Australian senator grinned and appeared tanned and relaxed as he fronted the Australian flag in the latest YouTube address. The motto of his YouTube channel is “common sense lives here”.

Bernardi did not mention Jones — under fire for claiming Julia Gillard’s father “died of shame” at her political lies — by name, but began his broadcast by referring to an opinion piece by Liberal colleague Greg Hunt, in which Hunt criticised Jones’ comments but accused the left of making similarly inappropriate comments and therefore being hypocritical.

In an endorsement possibly not entirely welcome to Hunt, Bernardi embraced the article’s theme: “The Labor party and their acolytes hold others to a different standard than they’re prepared to account for themselves. This is a circumstances that needs to change on behalf of every Australian interested in supporting our freedoms and our democratic ideals.”

Bernardi hit out at “abusive and hateful” comments made against figures on the right. His definition of “abusive and hateful” does not appear to encompass his comments to the Senate last month during a debate on gay marriage:

“The next step … is having three people that love each other be able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society, or four people. There are even some creepy people out there who say that it’s OK to have consensual s-xual relations between humans and animals. Will that be a future step? In the future, will we say, `These two creatures love each other and maybe they should be able to be joined in a union?’.”

Jones has been widely criticised for his remarks about the Prime Minister’s father; it remains to be seen whether Bernardi’s support is of assistance to the outspoken broadcaster as he seeks to rehabilitate himself with the public and with advertisers.


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22 thoughts on “Bernardi leaps to the defence of Alan Jones

  1. Lines Brenda

    Surely that must be a misprint of Bernadi’s Youtube channel motto??? Shouldn’t it be: Nonsense lives here…? Enough of the free publicity for Jones, Bernardi and their despicable ilk. Let their comments drown in a sea of disdain and boredom from the public at large and the media in particular. They do not provide news value, they are merely nuisance value, and distractions from important issues.

  2. rhwombat

    Oh joy. The boys are joining their own dots for us.

  3. shepherdmarilyn

    Bernardi is a thug, so is Jones.


    That remark in the promo about Bernardi being “back on the horse” has left me with deeply troubling mental images. I do hope the horse is receiving appropriate counselling. I also hope that it will not be forced into a marriage it clearly doesn’t want.

  5. Chappy

    Bestiality Bernardi and Toilet Block Jones have a lot in common you’d expect them to stand up for each other.

  6. cuntimus maximus

    Homophobic Bernardi defending Toilet Block Jones ? politics makes strange bedfellows indeed

  7. fredex

    Thats the Number 1 candidate on the Senate voting list for Liberal candidates for SA.

    What does this tell us about the Liberal Party in SA?

  8. whoknows

    Tony Abbott’s name keeps emerging from these incidents. Jones was speaking at a Young Liberals gathering who, one can assume Abbott thought would benefit from his illuminations.

    Fact is we are all in control of every word we speak, until they leave our mouth, then they control us, isn’t that right Mr Jones. You chose your words and now you reap the control they have over you. Both these men have reacted to the oh so hurtful reactions toward them and yet they were vicious, spiteful and showed gross intolerance toward their targets. Two wrongs don’t make it right and you both have clearly shown that.

  9. Ken Dally

    Oh FFS the privileged bully boys are claiming victim status …………. again

  10. banistersmind

    I recently compared the political views of Mr. Bernardi and Anders Breivik. You can barely pass a single sheet of paper through them.

  11. Sharkie

    Free speech use to be about powerless people having the right to criticise their government and other powerful institutions. In the hands of Bernardi and Jones, free speech means the right to verbally whomp on minorities without criticism.
    Could someone from the ALP please point out this BS interpretation of free speech, and call Jones and Bernardi a duo of petty thugs who want to say anything without anyone fighting back.

  12. Andybob

    Still struggling to understand how a Senator with parliamentary privilege and a Youtube channel claims that his right of free speech is being infringed. So far as I understand it, if you are affronted by what he says and support his sacking as a result, then that is damaging to free speech. Bernardi should understand that it was him exercising his untrammeled right to free speech that caused his problems, not any attempt to censor him.

  13. Lines Brenda

    banistersmind: Compare Bernardi’s comments with Santorum’s in USA… and then ask how much influence does Tea Party have in Aus politics and on LIb/LNP conservative policies.

  14. Owen Gary

    (Beastie boy Bernardi & Queen Allan) = The Acid Tongued puppets of the fiberal party.

    I wonder what what other adventures these two get up to with “The young Liberals” ????

  15. Liamj

    Some say the sexuality of misogynists and homophobes is irrelevant to their errors.
    With the SA LNP boasting Bernadi, Downer, and Pyne, i say there is an obvious, unpleasant and relevant sample.

    These are not the lunatic fringe of the LNP, they are its hate-filled core.

  16. MJPC

    “He flew to the UK afterwards to address a young conservatives’ conference, but cancelled his speech at the last minute.”

    Was this from his own purse, or some taxpayer funded junket “study tour”?

  17. Venise Alstergren

    It’s hard to say which part of Cory Bernardi’s whingeing performances are the most reprehensible. 1) His rushing to give support to the odious Alan Jones-another grade A whinger; 2) His amazing prophesy that same sex marriage would lead to multiple marriages and, wait for it… Bestiality; 3) And/or his slavish devotion/salutation to the British Flag.. 4) His obvious trawling the bottom of the barrel to find all the pensioners and members of the Country Women’s Association. The lonely, the elderly, and the cast aside oldies from the mainstream, in the community.

    A seemingly un-related occurence hit the inside pages of the MSM yesterday. Kevin Andrews-the man who overturned, with Tony Abbott’s urging, the NT law allowing euthanasia during the rein of little John Howard. The bill overturning this legislation is called the Andrew’s Bill, FFS. Yesterday Andrews published his latest book, wherein he writes his own strange understanding of the outcome of same sex marriage.

    All this is an unnerving glimpse of the future under a Tony Abbott led Coalition. Kevin Andrews, Cory Bernardi, and Tony Abbott, together with a cast of many in the Coalition, are fundamentalist Catholics. Some members of the commentariat express shock that Tony Abbott’s past is mentioned quite frequently in Crikey pages, especially guilty are those among fellow commentarians. But, unless by studying the man’s past; how else should anyone know what Tony Abbott’s future actions might be?

    There is a brace of fundamentalist Catholics in the Coalition, placed in a prime position to bring about the draconian rule of something close to a Catholic hegemony in Australia. Together with the chilling prediction among the Catholic commentariat that George Pell might become the next pope. Names like Barnaby Joyce, would be leader of the National Party and fanatic anti-euthanasia campaigner; Mathias Corman, Eric Abetz, David Clarke, George Brandis, Nick Minchin who wants to get back into politics, Christopher Pyne, Don Farrell. Also, there is a renaissance of the DLP (Democratic Labor Party)with people like Senator {the blacksmith} John Madigan from Ballarat.

    What else do these parliamentarians have in common? They are Monarchists almost to a man. Certainly a republican Australia is still a contentious issue, and yet to decided upon. However, when Cory Bernardi is continually photographed against the British Ensign part of the Australian flag-ostentatiously concealing the Southern Cross section-and prior today, with a photograph of the English queen in the place of honour, I think it’s fair to ask which country do these people really owe allegiance to?

    All of the above mentioned items are directed precisely at the same market/audience of Alan Jones. It is scarcely surprising these parliamentarians are willing slaves to Alan Jones. What hope do the voting public who are not Catholic have in a scenario like this? Buckley’s.

  18. tonyfunnywalker

    Even Christopher Pyne hates Bernardi and that says a lot.
    The British Conservatives kicked him into touch so why should n’t SA voters. BTW who paid for his holiday in Oxford?

  19. Lines Brenda

    Venise, the thought of these people in power makes my blood run cold. Again, I wonder about the conservative political Party links with USA Tea Party – the same fundamentalist, extreme right wing politics and elitist attitudes.The same comments about contentious issues of morals and ethics. It has the feel of a ‘back to the future’ really bad movie, except we may be living it if Aus voters don’t Wake The F#@k Up! as the Obama ad exhorts US voters to do.

  20. Ken Dally

    Venise Alstergren, My mum and lots of her friends are in the Country Women’s Association. She and many others think Bernardi, Bishops Pell and Jensen et al are horrid anti women trolls.

  21. Daly

    I found out that only one Abbott slogan was original ‘Stop the boats’. All the rest were and are Tea Party slogans. That was in February 2012. NLP ‘policies’ are direct lifts from The Republicans.
    Lazy,lazy NLP.

  22. justin cotton

    Both what Bernardi said, and what Jones said about Gillard’s father, were a disgrace. Bernardi has not even apologised. When I was in the US a couple of weeks ago, some people brought up what Bernardi said and told me they now considered Australia a homophobic place. (This was in a gay bar).

    I must confess as I’ve said elsewhere, I’m a bit perplexed by people attacking Alan Jones on the basis of homosexuality. There are even some comments here that cross the line. How are you any better than Bernardi if you make sarcastic comments about someone (regardless of who) being gay?


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