The Glenn Dyer breakdown: Seven was the easily winner last night thanks to The X Factor (more than 1.4 million metro and more than 2.1 million national viewers). Seven News was also stronger than it has been with a solid win over Nine News nationally and in most markets. But Today Tonight again shed viewers — more than 350,000 to be exact and was easily beaten by A Current Affair in metro markets. A solid performance in Melbourne by Big Brother, the News and ACA kept Nine a bit closer to Seven than it would have been

Seven’s Home and Away beat Nine’s Big Brother. Big Brother and the live nominations failed to crack a million metro viewers mark. The show had 957,000 and 1.236 million national viewers. The live nominations had 946,000 and 1.206 million national viewers. BB is now really on the nose in regional areas and in Perth and Adelaide. Only sold figures for Sydney and especially Melbourne are keeping it in the game. Home and Away had 1.037 million metro and 1.55 million national viewers and was fourth nationally, more than 300,000 ahead of BB.

Ten’s Can of Worms at 8.30pm 565,000 metro and 747,000 national viewers. Not good enough. Ten’s hopes of the fast-tracked eps of New Girl saving the night bombed. The 7.30 ep averaged only 410,000 metro viewers (and 565,000 nationally). The second at 8 o’clock averaged 425,000 metro (and 576,000 nationally) viewers. With fast-tracked eps of NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles tonight, Ten will be looking for a better performance. (From NCIS, yes, from the weak LA spin-off, nah). The returning Hawaii Five O also bombed.

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Tonight: The X Factor on Seven, and Winners and Losers and Grey’s Anatomy returns. Will anyone really care about the latter’s return? Big Brother on Nine and its new line-up of oldies, The Big Bang Theory will be OK but 2 Broke Girls and Two and A Half Men are flops. Over on Ten we’ve got I Will Survive, but hot off its big bird in the sky, NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles. This could be Ten’s best chance in two months to win a night, sorry, to move past the ABC into third spot. SBS has Insight and Dateline.

The top 10 national programs (metro & regional combined): ACA was again partially pre-empted in regional areas on a Monday night.

  1. The X Factor (Seven) — 2.182 million.
  2. Seven News — 2.021 million.
  3. Nine News — 1.737 million.
  4. Home and Away (Seven) – 1.551 million.
  5. 7pm ABC 1 News — 1.543 million.
  6. Australian Story (ABC 1) — 1.376 million.
  7. 7.30 (ABC 1) — 1.333 million.
  8. Today Tonight (Seven) — 1.324 million.
  9. A Current Affair (Nine) — 1.306 million.
  10. Big Brother (Nine) — 1.236 million.

The metro winners:

  1. The X Factor (Seven, 7.30pm) — 1.432 million ,
  2. Seven 6pm News — 1.404 million.
  3. Nine 6pm news — 1.185 million.
  4. A Current Affair (Nine, 6.30pm) — 1.098 million.
  5. 7pm ABC 1 News — 1.083 million.
  6. Today Tonight (Seven, 6.30pm) — 1.082 million.
  7. Home and Away (Seven, 7pm) — 1.037 million

The losers: Ten, again, especially the two new eps of New Girl. Ten also brought back Hawaii Five O at 9.30pm. Viewers didn’t notice, it averaged just 307,000 metro watchers and 415,000 nationally. Viewers didn’t care that it was fast-tracked or not. They just don’t like the series. Nine’s final ep of this series of Underbelly, 861,000 metro and national viewers. Viewers just didn’t care. It was an unappealing, nasty storyline that saw viewers ignore the series in increasing numbers as it progressed.

Metro news and current affairs: Seven News won everywhere except Melbourne, where the margin was 52,000. ACA won Sydney and Melbourne (where the margin was a huge 133,000 viewers). TT won Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth but that didn’t help nationally.

  1. Seven 6pm News — 1.404 million.
  2. Nine 6pm news — 1.185 million.
  3. A Current Affair (Nine, 6.30pm) — 1.098 million.
  4. 7pm ABC 1 News — 1.083 million.
  5. Today Tonight (Seven, 6.30pm) — 1.082 million.
  6. Australian Story (ABC 1, 8pm) —
  7. 7.30 (ABC 1, 7.30pm) — 906,000.
  8. Ten News At Five (Ten, 5pm) — 720,000.
  9. Media Watch (ABC 1, 9.20pm) — 621,000.
  10. The Project (Ten, 6.30pm) — 579,000.
  11. Q&A (ABC 1, 9.35pm) — 572,000 + 70,000 on News 24*.
  12. Four Corners (ABC 1, 8.30pm) — 567,000.
  13. The Project (Ten, 6pm) — 387,000.
  14. Lateline (ABC 1, 10.35pm) — 288,000.
  15. World News Australia (SBS ONE, 6.30pm) — 182,000.
  16. Ten Late News (Ten, 10.30pm) — 181,000.
  17. The Business (ABC 1, 11.10pm, rpt) — 111,000.
  18. World News Late (ABS ONE, 10.30pm) — 55,000.
  19. The Drum (News 24, 6pm) — 53,000.

*On News 24 simulcast

In the morning: Today started the week with a win. The Morning Show and Mornings were boosted by the holiday Monday in NSW especially.

  1. Today (Nine, 7am) — 357,000.
  2. Sunrise (Seven, 7am) — 329,000.
  3. The Morning Show (Seven, 9am) — 266,000.
  4. Mornings (Nine, 9am) — 182,000.
  5. News Breakfast (ABC 1, 7am) — 43,000 + 25,000 on News 24*.
  6. Breakfast (Ten, 7am) — 40,000.

*On News 24 simulcast

Metro FTA: Seven (three channels) won with a share of 33.8%, from Nine (three) on 27.6%, the ABC (four) was third with 19.6%, Ten was (three) 4th with 15.3% and SBS (two) ended on 3.7%. Nine still leads the week with 34.2% from Seven on 29.5%, the ABC on 18.4% and Ten on 14.1%.

Main channels: Seven won with 24.9% from Nine on 19.9%, ABC 1 was on 14.8%, Ten was on 10.9% and SBS ONE ended on 3.1%. Nine leads the week with 27.1% from Seven on 21.6%, ABC 1 on 14.6% and Ten on 9.5%.

Metro digital: 7TWO won with a share of 5.7% from GO on 4.7%, 7mate on 3.2%, Gem on 3.0%, ABC 2 was on 2.7%, Eleven was on 2.6%, ONE ended on 1.85, ABC 3, 1.1%, News 24, 1.0% and SBS TWO was on 0.6%. The 10 digital channels had an FTA share of 26.4% in prime time. 7TWO leads the week with 4.7% from GO on 4.5% and 7mate on 3.2%.

Metro including pay TV: Seven (three channels) won with a share of 27.9%, from Nine (three) on 22.7%, the ABC (four) was third with 16.1%, Ten was (three) fourth with 12.6% and SBS (two) ended on 3.1%. The 15 FTA channels share of viewing last night was 84.5%, the 10 digital channels’ share was 21.7%, the five main channels share was 62.8%. The 200-plus channels on Foxtel gave a total share last night for pay TV on 15.5%.

The top five pay TV channels were:

  1. Fox Sports 2 — 2.8%.
  2. Fox 8 — 2.6%.
  3. TV1 — 2.4%.
  4. Fox Footy — 2.1%.
  5. A&E — 2.0%.

The five most-watched programs on pay TV were:

  1. AFL: 360 — (FF) — 96,000.
  2. Cricket: Twenty20 (FS 2) — 80,000.
  3. Cricket: Twenty20 (FS 2) — 78,000.
  4. The Simpsons (F8) — 68,000.
  5. Cricket: Twenty20 (F S 2) — 68,000.

Regional: Prime/7Qld (three channels) won with a share of 37.9%, from WIN/NBN (three) on 26.5%, the ABC (four) was third with 18.3%, SC Ten was (three) fourth with 13.0% and SBS (two) ended on 4.3%. Prime/7Qld won the main channels with 27.6%, from WIN/NBN on 18.2%, The ABC was 3rd with 13.6% and SC Ten was fourth with 8.7%. 7TWO won the digitals with 7.0% from GO on 5.0% and Gem with 3.3%. The 10 digitals channels had an FTA share last night of 28.1%. WIN/NBN lead the week with 36.7% from Prime/7Qld on 30.4%, the ABC on 17.5% and SC Ten on 11.4%.

The five most-watched programs in regional markets were:


  1. The X Factor — 750,000.
  2. Seven News — 616,000.
  3. Nine News — 553,000.
  4. Home and Away — 517,000.
  5. 7pm ABC 1 News — 460,000.

Major metro markets: A clean sweep (overall the the main channels) in every market for Seven. Nine was second everywhere bar in the main channels in Perth where ABC 1 got up. Apart from that, the ABC/ABC 1 were third. 7TWO clean swept the markets in all five metro markets. Nine leads Seven and the ABC in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Seven leads Nine and the ABC in Adelaide and Perth.

(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight All People)


Source: Oztam, TV Networks data

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