The unveiling of the new-look Fairfax foodie liftouts has many restaurant lovers breathing a sigh of relief, with most local content remaining — although clearly focused on reviewing.

From the outside, both looked very similar. Yet the cover story was written by two different journalists, aimed at the cheap fine-dining options of their respective cities.

Shared content between the two publications today includes recipes by Karen Martini, an introduction to po’boys (the hipster snack of the day) by Jill Dupleix, reviews of the latest Yotam Ottolenghi book, an interview with chef David Thompson, an article examining the craft beer of London and a “these are a few of my favourite things”-style piece with Movida chef and owner Frank Camorra.

But reviewers remain strictly city-based and plentiful, as do the wine writers. Fourteen of the 24 pages of the publication had local content (including ads).

Epicure — of course — has more of a coffee and wine focus. Sydney’s Good Food ran an article about organic farming.

Will the same-cover-story-rewritten-for-their-city theme continue? We’ll have to wait until next Tuesday.