Watch the whole 45-minute bonanza of the Alan Jones press conference regarding his comments that Julia Gillard’s father had “died of shame”. The highlights include:

2.00: His father told him to “eat crow while it’s hot.”

7.20: Jones explains the speech was made in private and didn’t know anyone was recording. Compares himself to US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who was recently caught slagging off US citizens who receive government benefits

16.00: Jones defends his chaff bag comments by saying that people have “lived among the bitumen for too long.”

20.18: Compares the black humour of comments about Gillard’s father to the humour used by soldiers in the trenches at Gallipoli

22.50: “Holy Nelly!”

28.58: Includes “the kids at the party” in his description of Australian battlers. Jones must have an interesting definition of battling if it includes undergrads paying $100 for dinner.

32.07: Jones says there should be more women in power because they don’t smoke cigars and drink red wine at lunch time.

43.33: “Go Canterbury.” Bad weekend all round then?