Sep 28, 2012

Get Fact: will Abbott’s formula deliver jobs and growth?

Tony Abbott's recent rumination on what it would take to fit big Labor spending initiatives into the budget had economists scratching their heads. Crikey's Get Fact Australia tests his theories.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Tony Abbott has had another shocker of a week with stuff-ups over the global positioning of the Indonesian president mixed with the fumes of the Barbara Ramjan saga, but fiscal types are still scratching their heads over his lower-profile claims on the state of the Australian economy.

In the latest instalment of Crikey‘s Get Fact Australia series, we analyse Abbott’s recent press conference rumination on what it would take to fit big Labor spending initiatives such as Gonski, Denticare or the National Disability Insurance Scheme into the federal budget. Take it away, Tone:

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16 thoughts on “Get Fact: will Abbott’s formula deliver jobs and growth?

  1. Jimmy

    What a shock Abbott’s economic policy is a load of rubbish.

    The one thing Abbott has going for him is that as all his goals are already being achieved as soon as he gets voted in the media cann immediately turn from their economic gloom and doom to isn’t everything wonderful now that Tony is here.

  2. eric

    Now that the economic pressure is coming on the Abbott mob its interesting to see how thin their arguements really are.
    The public will eventually wake up to this economic pigmy and all his urgers/mates in the MSM will also have to explain their involvement in the phoney Tony charade..

  3. MJPC

    The problem is that Abbott, like his LNP mentor PM,has adopted the US tea party solution to everything; cut taxes, shaft the workers (by destroying organised labour-unions) and criticise any policy that works to the benefit of the body politic, but not necessarily the big end of town.
    I find it rich that he is big on cutting red tape (read regulatory controls) yet has not learned the lessons of the GFC, never trust the capitalist system to look after the ordinary citizen. Law’s keep the B’s honest!
    If you wish to see Abbott’s proposal’s in action look at Micharel Moore’s “Capitalism: a love story”, it covers what can happen here.
    Of course it’s mostly rubbish, just like the Reaganomics and Bush policies in the US and look what happened over there.

  4. klewso

    He forgot “…. and if I had wings and a magic wand people would take me more seriously when I run off at the mouth like this …. Does my nose look big in these”?

  5. tinman_au

    I love the irony that most right wing policies that want to “boost growth”, “boost the economy” and “create jobs” actually work the other way and create things like the GFC…

  6. Jimmy

    Tinman – The ones that don’t create a GFC and were actually deployed by in the wake of it (the so called “expansionary austerity”) work the other way too.

    I also love the way if 50 manufacturing workers lose their jobs it is a disaster but if 4000 public servant lose their jobs it is brilliant.

  7. izatso?

    Look at the division and despair in U.K. from Tory govt, post GFC. T. Abbott was there six months ago getting instructions, Bernardi there now, getting up-dates. But for Labor Governance, that Tory Slime would be orchestrating similar here. Bernardi for grilling on his return. Blowtorch.

  8. The Pav

    Dear Andrew

    You have used facts. This is no-no for the Abbott supports out there as they will take this to mean you are biased left wing, katte sipping sicialist commie greeno elitist.

    Personally I’m troubled at how you got to the “mostly Rubbish” rating.

    I couldn’t find any part of his mutterings as anything other than “Complete Rubbish”

    In economic terms Misty Rabbit “Couldn’t find his [email protected]#e ( you know the one he was almost ready to sell) with both hands & a road map”

  9. Jimmy

    The PAv – I am with you on the rating.

    Izatso – See the TPP negotiations have stalled yet again, another deadline missed for signing and predictions of it being at least 12 months away- that steamroller isn’t doing a very good job!

  10. Bill Hilliger

    Clearly, Tony Abbott and his Coalition party advisors spend too much time watching Fox News and their Tea Party politics.

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