Sep 27, 2012

Women ‘getting pissed and making fun of men’? Fabulous

There were plenty of nominees at the annual Ernie Awards last night, honouring men (and some women) who just don't know when to shut up. Crikey was there to boo with the best of them.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

Bob Ellis, Shane Warne, Tony Abbott and a group of footballers joined 400 rambunctious women at the fabulous Ernie Awards for s-xist remarks, held at NSW Parliament House last night. Sadly, it was only their look-a-likes, as attendees at the 20th anniversary of this institution had been asked to dress as their favourite recipient.

Ellis — shambolic, unkempt and covered in dandruff — won the “Frock-Off” first prize, but I particularly liked Abbott, who wore a surf lifesaving shirt and had a furry budgerigar stuffed down the front of his boardies.

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6 thoughts on “Women ‘getting pissed and making fun of men’? Fabulous

  1. puddleduck

    Kelly O’Dwyer “appearing defensive and angry” on QandA on Monday night? That’s being a bit generous. Her behaviour was rude and had the opposite effect to what one presumes was intended. Instead of looking clever, she looked stupid.

    I’ve been pondering the obligatory female right-wing ranter on QandA: Mirabella (I’ll never forget the look on her face when Simon Sheikh fainted); Bishop; Fierravanti-Wells, and now O’Dwyer. I have theories, but no conclusion as yet.

    Is the rudeness, shouting and silliness due to frustration at being in opposition when they think the Labor government should just get it over with, do the clean-up and get out? Has climbing the ranks of the Liberal Party required such behaviour and now they can’t stop – either through habit or immersion in the culture of the party? Is media training in the Liberal party so poor that no one has told them it’s incredibly annoying and prevents listeners from hearing whatever message it is they are trying to get out there? Whatever it is, it’s not a good image for the Libs in general and Lib women in particular.

    Or maybe it’s just me.

  2. AR

    Jones has made a strong bid for the next ‘ERNIE’ with his comment this morning on the missing Melbourne woman, Jill Meagher, “what are women doing walking home in the early morning, eh?”.
    Perhaps thinking that we live in a decent society?

  3. Liamj

    Thanks for the report, should be televised.

    @ puddleduck – i think the women Torys get sent because none of the male ones have the guts to show up on ABC anymore.

  4. hyumentaya jesse

    “…. thus topping off a night once described as filling “a gaping hole for women to get pissed and make fun of men”. Superb.”

    the irony of such a night is what is superb.

  5. Slimpickings

    If there was a male version it would be considered immoral and frowned upon. A double standard me thinks.

  6. JimDocker

    I am a fan of the idea of the Ernies. Generally entertaining while fulfilling a role of keeping us men honest with our comments.

    The award for the basketballers does not make sense though. According to reports that I have read on the none- business class for women.They seemed to indicate that the men’s and women’s teams were given equal funding for the games but the men chose to use some of it for the flight upgrade while the women used it for other expenses. (Coaching, etc.)

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