Sep 21, 2012

Marriage equality task easier with likes of Cory around

Same-sex marriage advocates are extremely lucky that their opponents are as utterly obsessive and neurotic as their American counterparts. Cory Bernardi helps the cause.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


The UK is in uproar as Australian Senator Cory Bernardi arrives in the country. There’s been protests at the airports, and the streets have been blocked with barricades of burning tyres to greet the now-notorious senator who has compared same-sex marriage to bestiality.

Actually, not, you’ll be surprised to hear. There’s been a small story in The Grauniad, one in The Torygraph, and the Conservative party has issued a statement repudiating Bernardi’s comments about man-love and horse-love, but that’s been about it.

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36 thoughts on “Marriage equality task easier with likes of Cory around

  1. Mark from Melbourne

    I beg to differ as I am pretty sure Jack Patcholli’s dog Oscar was Director of the Toorak Times as Jack himself was an undischarged bankrupt.

  2. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Best comeback heard this week to a “family values” campaigner: “listen mate, were just trying to make same-s3x marriage legal, not compulsory”.


    Didn’t Cory Bernardi say that gay marriage would lead to “consensual s-xual relations between human beings and animals”? And since animals can’t consent to anything, then clearly, he thinks gay marriage would weaken our resistance to overtures from animals.

    So next time a dog tries to hump your leg, say “no!” for Cory; humanity’s very existence depends on it… apparently.

    Or Mr Ed gives you the nod,nod, wink,wink, just tell him to [email protected]#[ off too.

    Thanks for saving us Cory. Onward christian soldiers, marching…

  4. LolaGalah

    Isn’t marriage more about ownership of resources, which can include children, as well as property and access to services?

  5. David Coady

    The requirement that marriage be between a man and a woman is not an historical constant. There are plenty of examples of same sex marriage going back to the ancient world. Not that this is relevant to the issue of whether allowing it now would correct an injustice. Of course it would.

  6. klewso

    Tories and “horse-love”?
    He’s not going to try to talk them out of that?

    [“Polyamory”? Isn’t that between a stallion and his harem?]

  7. Holden Back

    When I hear the word ‘millenia’ put forward in any cultural argument, I reach for my gun.

  8. paddy

    If the polls are to be believed, it seems the majority of the Oz electorate aren’t particularly fussed by the whole business.
    However, while today’s piece is not up to your finest trolling Guy, all that existential thrashing around was still worth it for the magic line…..
    [the beautiful moments between a farm boy and his heifer]

  9. v em

    This is the first article by Guy Rundle that I have ever liked. He is right that marriage is an intrinsically heterosexual institution. The gay liberation movement in the 1970s understood this, and opposed the institution of marriage. In fact, in the language of the time, they wanted to ‘smash’ it. But their position was at least one that could be respected. The position of gays who want to occupy a heterosexual institution is not one that can be respected. It is bizarre.

    Vern Hughes

  10. zut alors

    Making the marriage oath and signing the legal documents of union can be undone by a court months, years, decades later – against one’s will.

    Hence, a risky business with no guarantees whether the parties are heterosxual or h0m0sxual. Why bother.

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