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Sep 20, 2012

Video of the Day: tribute to Cory Bernardi

Common sense lives here! That's the motto of the YouTube channel of conservative Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, whose comments linking bestiality and gay marriage saw him dumped as Parl

Common sense lives here! That’s the motto of the YouTube channel of conservative Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, whose comments linking bestiality and gay marriage saw him dumped as Parliamentary Secretary yesterday. One of his finest televisionary episodes comes from July, in which he seamlessly links the Olympics with boat people. If you want more Cory, there’s plenty to see at CBTV.

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12 thoughts on “Video of the Day: tribute to Cory Bernardi

  1. Cleaner

    What a lovely picture of the Queen.

  2. SusieQ

    We get politicians of this calibre in the Senate because too many people vote ‘above the line’ for the Senate and don’t put any thought into who they actually elect.

  3. Al

    He looks like a lovely young man until you hear the filthy bile that pours forth from his mouth. Apparently he and Christopher Pyne loathe each other; that’s a dispute that’d be hard to pick sides on!

  4. Andrew McIntosh

    Picture of the Queen, the Union Jack more prominent than the rest of the flag – which country do you support, Bernardi?

  5. TheFamousEccles

    Sickening, smarmy a*** clown. Comparing the recent over reaction to a crap trolling attempt by reactionary elements of the Australian (and world) Islamic population by ultra conservative christian nutjobs, with a few people banging on a restaraunt window and the over reaction by AFP operatives at the time seems to me ingenuine at best, but obviously Bernardi has his fingers on the pulse… I mean, does he really think its valid to compare the behavior that lead to the murder of US consular officials (albeit toned down a little in Australia, ‘only’ a few cops whacked over the head with a 4×2), with some over zealous ALP tryhard and a few “Angry from Canberra” types at a window? A national security issue? Gaaak.

    I am trying very hard not to write things that might get me sin-binned from here, but Bernardi trys my patience.

    Seeing this guy makes me think that Pyne is not so bad after all – and I cant stand Pyne…

  6. Holden Back

    Can’t we get him out of the Senate and onto FOX News, where he clearly belongs?

  7. Steve777

    From :32 onwards in the second clip, Cory seems to have confused Wayne Swan with Tony Abbott.

  8. Johnfromplanetearth

    Well someone had to say something about these disgusting protests in Sydney, i couldn’t help notice that Crikey ignored them as if they never occurred at all.

    Bernardi has blown his political career this week with other comments, however highlighting the dangers that surround us with those protests in Sydney is not something i would condemn him for.

    A little more self criticism and less self pity and self righteousness might not do your average Muslim any harm at all while having the privilege of living in Australia.

  9. Goanna Dareyou

    Look out Corey, there’s a queen behind you ! Only one step away from from a pony