Sep 19, 2012

‘Our love exists’: Parliament’s gay marriage debate

Parliament is grappling with the issue of gay marriage. Crikey takes a look at what Senators from all sides have said.

Strong emotions and firm views have been expressed on all sides of federal Parliament as MPs grapple with bills to legalise gay marriage. Labor MPs have been given a conscience vote, while Coalition MPs have not, and it’s not expected the bills will pass. Crikey takes a look at some of the views expressed in the Senate in recent days …


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3 thoughts on “‘Our love exists’: Parliament’s gay marriage debate

  1. moonkid

    The word “family” does not in itself mean “one woman, one man and their children”, mister Joyce. That arrangement is a relatively recent invention, and is certainly a long way from universal in the present.

  2. muruk

    There are way too many people on this planet, maybe we should ban marriage for reasons of procreation and allow it only for commitment to each other. Possibly we could allow it between man and his best friend the dog, just to give bernadi something to grizzle about and keep him happy.

  3. Gratton Wilson

    Those who deny marriage to gays and lesbians are not logical in their arguements. Iff marriage is all about children then people over the age of procreation should also be barred from marriage, as should those who choose not to have children, and those who cannot have children. Persons who have duel sexuality may legally marry each other, so it isn’t about gender nor is it about children. As I understand it, more than 50% of voting adults in Australia want same sex marriage to become law. Is it only those who follow the instructions that come from the Vatican who reject the wishes of the community. Does a foreign power control our Parliament

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