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Sep 18, 2012

Virgin says no … Global Mail redesign … ABC totalitarianism …

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Virgin says no. There's no end in sight to discussions between Virgin Australia pilots and the bosses over the new EBA. Crikey hears pilots have just voted down the EBA's proposed working conditions after a year of negotiations. "Is the good-feel vibe wearing off?" asks our mole. Another insider said the Virgin Independent Pilots Association was not happy with the proposed EBA as some issues were not addressed, some parts of the document were not complete, and there was a feeling that management had rushed through last-minute changes. Apparently VIPA (which is, enticingly, pronounced "viper") plans to go back to the pilots to outline these concerns and discuss where to go next. Know more about the pilots' concerns? Drop us a line. And while we're about it, the existence of VIPER -- obviously a case of Snakes on a Plane -- has piqued our curiosity about well-named lobby groups. Know of any groups -- or spokespeople -- which are appropriately or amusingly named? Crikey always enjoyed ringing Muriel Watt, spokeswoman for the Australian Photovoltaic Association. And don't forget Ken Burns from the Tasmania Fire Service. Or how about the executive director of Gays Australia, Oscar Queene? Keep your suggestions rolling here -- best entry has the honour of seeing your contribution interpreted and immortalised by our very own First Dog on the Moon, who has embraced the contest and declared himself to be the judge. Scrolling changes. A Crikey reader wants to know what happened to the mooted redesign of The Global Mail's website, which includes the notorious and much-criticised left-to-right scrolling function. Our reader also reckons while The Global Mail -- founded by philanthropist Graeme Wood, and edited by Monica Attard until she left in controversial circumstances in May -- has some great talent, they don't file often enough. We asked new-ish editor Lauren Martin about the redesign, and she said it was still on -- "we hope to have the first improvements released within the next month". Martin said she looked forward to receiving feedback then. No word from Martin on whether the left-to-right screen will survive. Sheridan v Campbell. Crikey ran a letter yesterday from ABC foreign correspondent Eric Campbell demanding The Australian’s foreign editor Greg Sheridan provide evidence for his assertion that "many in the ABC support totalitarianism". Campbell’s crusade rolls on: he rang Sheridan yesterday morning and left a voice message, but has yet to hear back. Surely Sheridan -- whom Campbell slammed yesterday as a "seat-polishing Suharto apologist" -- isn’t running scared from a debate?If the tête-à-tête eventuates, we’ll let you know. Campbell is documenting the stoush in real time on Twitter:

Bipolar. We've heard a claim that a senior -- and successful -- political figure has bipolar disorder (formerly called manic depression). As our source notes, that's certainly no basis on which to criticise someone. The increasing willingness of political figures to speak out about their mental health problems -- think Andrew Robb and former WA premier Geoff Gallop's experiences with depression -- goes some way towards greater understanding and acceptance of mental health issues.

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3 thoughts on “Virgin says no … Global Mail redesign … ABC totalitarianism …

  1. izatso?

    What with the rise in Antimicrobial Resistance, these Professionals would be in demand, surely ?

  2. Mike Flanagan

    Eric Campbell is only wasting his time trying to elicit a rational
    rejoinder from Greg Sheridan. Over the past two years or more
    Sheridan”s only consistency in his writing on Foriegn Affairs has
    been his ability to be self contradictory in his unsupported assertions.

  3. dave worth

    Funny names and occupations- how could you have missed Tony Crook, MHR for O’Connor.?

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