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Media briefs

Sep 17, 2012

Media briefs: Kate pics fallout ... La Gazzetta Del Piero ... Age of privacy ...

N-ked Kate pics a suicide note for publishers. Are we about to get a highly principled magazine publisher and owner in the German group, Bauer, which is about to take


N-ked Kate pics a suicide note for publishers. Are we about to get a highly principled magazine publisher and owner in the German group, Bauer, which is about to take control of ACP Magazines, Australia’s largest magazine publishing group? The topless Kate Middleton photos-story and the reaction by Bauer to it in Britain and Europe suggests that there will be changing of the ACP’s at-times cowgirl approach to publishing stories and photos that breach someone’s privacy, or are invented.

Bayer owns the Closer name and publishes the UK version of the magazine, which is one of the biggest selling in Britain. It is an important asset. Closer in France is published under licence by Mondadori, part of the media empire run by Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi. Mondadori is actually run by Berlusconi’s 46-year-old daughter. Mondadori also publishes Chi, the Italian gossip mag that is due to reveal its 26-page special spread in an edition tonight, our time.

In a statement on the Closer UK and Bauer websites at the weekend, the German group has taken a very strong stand on the photo story and suggests that it could remove the licence rights from the French group. Bauer seems to have recognised the dangers to its big UK business (more than £230 million of revenues and nearly £60 million of profits in 2011) in the Middleton photos judging by the statements.

The statements explains the relationship between the UK Closer and that in France: “Closer magazine UK is published by Bauer Consumer Media. The French edition meanwhile is published under a licence by a totally different company, an Italian business called Mondadori, which is owned by Fininvest (a key company in the Berlusconi empire). — Glenn Dyer (read the full story here)

Benvenuto a Del Piero. We’re not entirely sure if The Sydney Morning Herald‘s sports scribes had drunk too much prosecco or just wanted to make Alessandro Del Piero, Sydney FC’s latest recruit, feel welcome (perhaps both?), but grazie for the Italian-only front of the sports section today. Exquisite attention to detail in the “La Gazzetta Del Piero”, including the date and excerpts — read Roy Masters on “Manly non teme gli Storm”!

Front page of the day. It’s not the actual front page of The Oz, but a round of applause for this slick Photoshop job (via @platinumdepot):

Age fires war on privacy

The Age today launches a new kind of series on privacy. Rapidly evolving technology is enabling people to share more personal information than ever before, and also helping companies and government to monitor and share your health records, transport movements, shopping history and online transactions … We are opening the national privacy debate to you: ” — The Age

Murdoch’s Sun on the topless royal photos

“You will not be seeing in The Sun those topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge published by a French magazine. It is France — smug, privacy-obsessed France — that published grossly intrusive pictures no decent British paper would touch with a barge pole.” — The Sun

Occupy Wall Street tweets take to the stand

“Twitter on Friday agreed to hand over about three months’ worth of tweets to a judge overseeing the criminal trial of an Occupy Wall Street protester, a case that has become a closely watched fight over how much access law enforcement agencies should have to material posted on social networks.” — SF Gate

Seven misleads viewers over Newstart’s ‘riches’

“Seven News told hundreds of thousands of viewers last Friday that ‘thousands of unemployed families are being paid benefits well above the minimum wage’, but the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) says that it is misleading to present the figures in this way.” — New Matilda



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3 thoughts on “Media briefs: Kate pics fallout … La Gazzetta Del Piero … Age of privacy …

  1. klewso

    The Sun – from the Murdoch Hacking Stable –
    won’t touch such “intrusions”??????

    [“It could only happen in Limited News”?]

  2. klewso

    Much clearer now, I see (Item 1) – “Family Feud” – another chapter in “Merdock vs Burlesquonie”?

    [“Media barrens”? Any pics of “Silvio’s daughter’s tits”? That’s “Off-limits”?]

  3. zut alors

    It’s rare that an item in Crikey (other than First Dog or Rundle) elicits a belly laugh from me but ‘Hands off my Tony’ has done it. Exceptional work.


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