Sep 17, 2012

Faulkner attacks vague national security proposals

A key member of the parliamentary committee examining new national security proposals around data retention has hit out at the vague nature of Nicola Roxon's proposals.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The government’s unwillingness to provide a detailed description of its national security proposals appears to be backfiring on Attorney-General Nicola Roxon, with Labor elder John Faulkner repeatedly raising the lack of public information about the proposals that form the basis of the Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security’s inquiry into them.

The committee was tasked with investigating a suite of 44 proposals in July, but only after a tussle with the Attorney-General over timing and the preparation of a discussion paper by her department. But the 60-page discussion paper provides little explanation or justification of some of the most controversial proposals, including two-year data retention, criminalisation of refusal to assist with decryption and the extension of surveillance warrants to social media platforms.

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30 thoughts on “Faulkner attacks vague national security proposals

  1. botswana bob

    I’m still waiting for the PM to tell us plebs how these police state proposals fit into real Labor values.

  2. izatso?

    write your pm respectfully …… pm.gov.au …..

  3. izatso?

    But then, our National Security is abrogated and traduced by TPP proposals …… get mad here ….. eff.org/issues/tpp

  4. izatso?

    the governments unwillingness to approach some things overtly, in the clear light of day ? in open discussion ? wordpress com /trans-pacific-partnership-is-washington-speak-for-corruption-and-theft/

  5. Oscar Jones

    As usual gutless politicians let police agencies drive law and abandon the concept of separate powers.

    The horrible Hillsborough report in the UK should tell us why police will simply lie to get their way. Don’t for a minute believe it is any different here.

  6. Owen Gary

    So the juggernaut rolls steadily on as the NWO Oligarchy wants full control & supply of all information.

    It’s all going smoothly to plan as shown on the (Georgia Guidestones) google them & have a read.

  7. shepherdmarilyn

    Pretty soon we will be the facist republic of Nowhere.

  8. Greg Jones

    So, the JCIS gets to play with the vagaries of a discussion paper instead of the devil in the detail of a draft legislation. I get it. Muddy the waters and shove it through. There has not been one single piece of honesty in any of the arguments put forward by our trusted law enforcement agencies supporting any of these draconian measures.

    What is Ruddock doing on this committee? Another Fox put in charge of the hen house? He is so loyal to the Hegemonista/NWO.

  9. klewso

    The ghost of Sir Humphrey Appleby is alive and well, and haunting our corridors of “Justice”?
    ……. oh, wait a minute that’s “Lucky Phil” …..?

  10. izatso?

    Ruddick is indeed a spectre. And he would Haunt the unborn

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