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Sep 14, 2012

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21 thoughts on “The worst thing you can imagine

  1. Danny Lewis

    RU OK, First Dog?

  2. paddy

    That is one scary cartoon FD!
    Sending virtual hugs for ALL the Onthemoons from the dogonaught lounge.

  3. zut alors

    So tragic that anybody sees this as their best option.

    Whatever happened to running away and joining the circus?

  4. jaydubbya

    Well done FD. Awareness is the first step in avoiding this tragedy.

  5. Phen

    Though preferring homework to One Direction is probably fairly rational behaviour….

  6. Venise Alstergren

    I seem to remember thinking…”You’ll be sorry when I’m gone.” (Directed at my mother.)

  7. klewso

    Until you’ve got a kid that takes you through this field of broken glass, you don’t know what it’s like.

  8. Mike Smith

    The black jumper is a ref to black dog / depression I guess?

  9. Goanna Dareyou

    Doggy, I agree, this topic certainly is no effing joke, believe me.

    We had a threatened suicide in real time over at the Pig’s Arms. That’s an experience this moderator will never forget. I knew the person but she lives interstate. So I called Lifeline. They gave me their interstate number. I called that. Those dudes said “Sorry, we can’t help you, because you don’t live in our state”. So I called the Department of Health in that state. They gave me the number of their mental health people. I phoned that. Those dudes gave me the number of their regional mental health people. Those dudes gave me the number of the local crisis team co-ordinator. He was out. So I spoke with some guy who picked up the phone there. He said he would leave a message for the crisis team co-ordinator. Cue: start sh1tting blue lights.

    Does this sound like a Carry On movie ? Meanwhile, two of the patrons of the pub kept the distressed woman on the blog and maintained contact with very reassuring statements (while Emailing me asking WTF was going on at my end).

    Two hours later the crisis team co-ordinator Emailed me and said that they had spoken to the woman – a person known to them and were confident that she was OK and would see the night through. He also said they would send the team around to the woman’s place the next day.

    They DID. She was OK. They got her back on her medications and they phoned me with some advice.

    They thanked me and our patrons for guessing and doing what turned out to be the right things. [email protected]’ dumb lucky we had, Firsty.

    And they said – and I quote ” If someone really intends to kill themselves, they are virtually unstoppable. As innocent bystanders trying to help, we are not to hold ourselves responsible if we fail in preventing the suicide. Keep on being the caring and supportive folks that you clearly are – encourage counselling by experts and medical treatment – and hope for the best.”