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Sep 13, 2012

Rundle: Romney flies in the face of facts to score own goal

Mitt Romney has suffered a fresh setback in the US election campaign today, with a bungled statement concerning the lethal assault on the US Consulate in Benghazi.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Mitt Romney has suffered a fresh setback in the US election campaign today, with a bungled statement concerning the lethal assault on the US Consulate in Benghazi.



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11 thoughts on “Rundle: Romney flies in the face of facts to score own goal

  1. Julie

    “Rightards”. Awesome.

  2. Holden Back

    Turning the fan on, taking a good look at what was in the bucket, and still throwing them together.

  3. SusieQ

    Another in a long line of Republican dummies……

  4. Stevo the Working Twistie

    This kind of thing only matters to people who think about politics for a living. The GOP heartland is great at picking out the savoury bits and ignoring the stuff they don’t like or want to believe. This time tomorrow, a straw poll of middle-America will show that 9/10 believe Obama apologises to terrorists (while the regular 3/10 will continue to believe that he is actually a mutant alien robot Muslim representing the Masonic new world order and head of the Jewish cabal, but you get that…)

  5. Michael Hughes

    Well what does anyone expect? Bush I once said of Bill Clinton the then challenger in ’92 that Bush’s dog Millie had more foreign policy knowledge than Bubba. Except Bubba was a fast learner and schooled himself during the election. Romney runs around inferring Obama is going to strike the word God from US coinage or is he’s repeating the Fox-driven canard that Obama keeps apologising for Am’rka. Indeed the Romney Ryan ticket has the least foreign policy experience according to some than the Dewey ticket of ’48. No wonder the world is 80 per cent in the tank for Obama. We shudder at the idea of another GOP dude in the chair.

    PS check out the Vanity Fair piece on Obama; interesting stuff.

  6. AR

    No matter how stupid, blatantly dishonest and unmoored from the real world the Mittbot proves himself to be, >40% of the US electorate will vote for him.
    Poor bugger, my planet.

  7. shepmyster

    I’ve heard a lot of comments in Australia about how the respective parties are doing in regards to the popularity contest still I have no informed idea of the reality. The one thing I’ve taken from it is just how little Americans know. The press there seems just as dysfunctional as ours. Not surprising really considering Murdoch has dragged the profession to exactly the place he has here, into the gutter.
    From the pieces I’ve read this would be my best guess.
    Long before Romney became front man the Republicans were well and truly on the nose. That the party has extremely serious problems that require immediate attention but with channels such as Fox News talking up their chances they have been deluded into believing they actually have a chance. That unless they drop the fundamentalist rhetoric they stand a very real chance of becoming irrelevant and even ceasing to exist all together.
    Well we can only hope.

  8. Savonrepus

    With the politicization of diplomacy the GOP are setting up America to become a very dangerous place. With non compulsory voting, weird voter eligibility rules in some states and the power of advertising with the weight of money behind it a Romney win is very real.

  9. Steve777

    Romney may have initially incorrectly attributed a statement by the American Embassy in Egypt to the President, but he must have been quickly apprised of his mistake. Yet he continues to use it as a rod with which to beat Obama. The reason – his base will believe him and his media allies will let him get away with it. Romney’s cynicism is truly staggering. Surely a man who would exploit an incident in which a US Ambassador and Embassy staff were killed is utterly unfit for high office.

  10. Michael Hughes

    Oh he knows it was an embassy message that went out before the attack. His argument? That it’s the president’s administration and ergo it’s Obama. The GOP has two prongs; get out the base and retard turnout of the other base. Likely swing voters go to Obama on sanity grounds. Given the evil sheeted home to the poor and minorities by effectively placing, as Guy I think said, a Poll tax in the form of mandatory photo ID and disuading up to about ten percent of likely Dems from turning out they might just do it.

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