Sep 12, 2012

The troller troll’d, or, disrupting the market for causing offence

The trolling debate is merely the mainstream media doing what it's always done: try to make money from enraging readers. But it's unlikely to work.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Meleander: Sirrah, be wise, be wise
Trollio: Who I? I will be monstrous and wise.
(John Ford, The Lover’s Melancholy, 1628)

It was peak troll. Not just the troller troll’d, not just a through-the-looking-ass moment of meme eruption into the mainstream, but something else, one of those moments stolen from a Lynch film, when normal people act batshit crazy while keeping the straightest of faces.

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14 thoughts on “The troller troll’d, or, disrupting the market for causing offence

  1. Brad Sprigg

    SURELY they see the irony in advertising Kyle Sandilands above their article campaigning against trolls?

  2. Andrew McMillen

    Fantastic, Bernard. I’m embarrassed that this is a ‘national issue’.

  3. klewso

    I still can’t understand how the msm thinks it can do what it doesn’t like others doing? Is it “the competition” thing?

  4. SonofMogh

    This is the same Robbie Farah who tweeted that the PM should get a noose for her 50th birthday.

  5. klewso

    Where were they, on their moral high-horses, dressed in their high dudgeon when the likes of “Alas Smith & Jones” are on prime time, out in public (ie not just “on line” accessible), broadcasting (including the press), inciting what they do? “Legitimising” this sort of intolerance?

    “Leaving that up to someone else”?

    [Again, what’s the difference between a troll and an op-ed hack?
    Besides the explicit language – one gets paid to carry on like that?]

  6. paddy

    “Our Lady of the Gerbils Miranda Devine”
    Line of the day Bernard.

  7. iavens

    What ever happened to the maxim: “Don’t feed the trolls”? The current attention has so bloated them they must be ready to vomit! Well done all concerned.

  8. pope_gumby

    Surely the greatest irony of this is that the homepage splash sits under a banner advertising a piece on Kyle and Jackie O, mainstream media’s greatest trolls.

  9. Tom Jones

    You can be nasty, you can bully a teenage girl who has been raped, you can make spiteful, nasty comments about the Prime Minister but if you aren’t being paid don’t expect freedom of expression. The tone created by the MSM has led to a lot of trolling so it is not only anti competitive for the MSM to complain it is also hypocritical.

  10. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Welcome to Peak Derp. Enough FacePalms and HURR DURR I IS TROLLING for all.
    Enjoy the internets~

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