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Sep 11, 2012

Assange Underground in Toronto: next stop Australia

Director Robert Connolly hopes to arrange a special screening for Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy of his new bio-pic Underground. Greg Truman reports from the premiere in Toronto.

Julian Assange probably can’t slip out of the Ecuadorian embassy to enjoy London’s attractions, but at least there’s movie night.

Australian director Robert Connolly hopes to arrange a special screening at the embassy of his new film Underground for Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, currently holed up with the South Americans as they “assess” his application for political asylum, preventing Swedish authorities from extraditing him to face sex charges and Americans from getting one step closer to their prime quarry.

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8 thoughts on “Assange Underground in Toronto: next stop Australia

  1. Geoff Dunstan

    After the many vague comments by Gillard, Carr et al about the lack of knowledge about the US intentions regarding Assange ( Position destroyed by F.O.I. revelations) and the so called protocol issues between UK/Sweden conveniently preventing Australia pleading a case for Assange, Gillard was very quick off the track in interfering in the open court hearing/conviction of the “Pussy Cats” in Moscow !!

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    Yeah Gillard thinks jailing the Pussy cats was excessive but was happy for a long time to jail 13 year old Indonesian kids in adult prisons without charge for up to 846 days.

    She happily wants to flog babies to Nauru without help and has no interest in human rights.

  3. Draco Houston

    It should be noted that Julian Assange has not actually been ‘charged’ yet, which was a key part of his appeals. At this time he is wanted for questioning in relation to allegations.

  4. Mk8adelic

    Hopefully the movie generates enough support in Australia for the government to have to change its stance on supporting it own citizens when it conflicts with US desires.

  5. prunella

    What is it about the time rich male chatterers that they they cant get anything right? The Russian punk rock group is called Pussy Riot not ‘pussy cats’ These women are far from being cats or kittens as the aussie jobbos would want to imply. How Australia actually produced such luminaries on the world stage like Assange, Geoffrey Robertson, Germaine Greer, John Pilger is beyond me. I firmly support Julian Assange not just for reasons of freedom of information( one freedom the Yanks are’nt keen on) but in the hope that his intelligence and example of sheer guts will rub off on the rest of the boring , illiterate and infantile Australian herd.

  6. Warren Joffe

    “Prunella” suggests a diminutive but I think you might be described as the full overripe prune after your haut en bas Pot and Kettle act criicising others for petty inaccuracy. I leave aside other inferences to be drawn from what you say and the way you express it but wonder where you get “rich male chatterers from”. “SHEPHERDMARILYN” is certainly not male and I have no idea if she or “Geoff Dunstan” could sensibly be described as “rich” – but neither do you I am sure, which is my point.

    Why do you bother eliminating your waste in that way when your taking up readers’ time is at least “boring” if not wholly “illiterate” and “infantile” (undisciplined and foolish would be close to the mark)?

  7. Michael Noonan

    Errr … Warren, Prunella’s style is a tad self indulgent, but if you actually read, instead of skimming, her post, she did say “time rich”, not just “rich”.

  8. Warren Joffe

    Thanks Michael Noonan (sorry you had to read Prunella carefully though). Though only half my blunderbuss full of shot hit the bulls-eye I wouldn’t want to have foregone the pleasure of firing. A pity I missed the “time” in “time rich” because that would really have justified my Pot and Kettle jibe up to the hilt…..

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