Sep 10, 2012

What is the government up to on Australia’s internet kill switch?

The government's national security proposals may raise the prospect of a return to an issue settled in 2003. If only we could be sure ...

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

There is, if you’re not aware of it, an internet kill switch in Australia. It’s located in s.581 of the Telecommunications Act, which enables the Attorney-General, after consulting the Prime Minister and the Minister for Communications, to direct a telecommunications carrier or carriage service provider in writing to cease to supply a service if it is “prejudicial to security”, as defined under the ASIO Act.

Such a power, of course, would only be used in an emergency.

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12 thoughts on “What is the government up to on Australia’s internet kill switch?

  1. Zeke

    Harry, the mainstream media is no judge of what the Greens stand for. The MSM is actually running vicious campaigns against the Greens. I suggest you do some more research rather than listening to the radio or turning on your TV. In my own area we are very concerned about Coal Seam Gas encroaching upon aquifers used as a town water supply. The Greens have been a big help to this campaign. The Greens are grass-roots. They don’t take corporate donations, unlike the other major parties.

  2. Harry Rogers

    Thats a fair criticism as I dont have the hours to totally research any party policies in depth. Im from the working class who only sees the main stream media in passing. Although I am long past devoting any time to it and of course we are not fools Zeke we are cynical and questioning of all politics.

    I actually listen to the deaf station which reads various stories from all sources. Its a lazy way to keep up to date.

    Good luck with you aquifers problems Ive seen some docos on this but like a lot of things would need to do the research rather them comment either way.

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