Aug 31, 2012

Police probe what Murdoch lawyer Tom Crone knew about hacking

Police investigating the News of the World phone hacking scandal have nabbed another suspect, with the arrest of the paper's former top lawyer Tom Crone.

Paul Barry

Journalist, author and Media Watch host

Police investigating the News of the World phone hacking scandal have nabbed another suspect, with the arrest of the paper’s former top lawyer. Tom Crone was collared at his home in southwest London at 6.45 yesterday morning and spent the day at a nearby police station “helping police with their inquiries”.


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9 thoughts on “Police probe what Murdoch lawyer Tom Crone knew about hacking

  1. Owen Gary

    You can’t be saying it was known by ole Rupes & Jimmy no they wouldn’t do that.
    It really is a crock at the end of the day ain’t it folks.

    Covered with sideshows & charades and mock trials, when all they need to do is lock em away.

  2. Oscar Jones


    When the British Establishment rises up, no-one is safe. Someone should have told Rupert they will only let you go so far and then……..

  3. izatso?

    so that is Good News…..

  4. AR

    Nemesis inexorably follows Hubris – Schadenfreude is a dish best savoured slowly.

  5. Liz45

    I thought I was up to speed about all this a while ago, until I watched the 4 Corners program on this. Wow! I was shocked by the number of people involved in all this, and the breadth of activities? It will be sweet if James and/or Rupert had to face charges! How sweet it is, would be my response!

    Perhaps, ‘what goes around comes around’ can happen?

    When The Australian and the Telegraph get up on their high horse, it’s almost too much for me! What a bunch of hypocrites, insisting that their ‘news’ is of the best journalistic standards and not a hate campaign for Labor/Julia Gillard! I almost bring up my lunch, or breakfast or ????

  6. Glenn Brandham

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – read Dial M For Murdoch, by Tom Watson and Martin Hickman. The width, depth and breadth of Murdoch’s crimes will blow you away.

  7. Owen Gary

    Dont hold your breath on them being locked up, (I was being sarcastic)

  8. Edward James

    When it comes to waiting to see people locked up I am watching Labor shonks here in NSW Edward James

  9. Mk8adelic

    Unfortunately r murdochs’s power is so entrenched he will remain untouchable in his lifetime.

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