Aug 31, 2012

Life after News, Fairfax: all about cheques and balances

Fairfax bean counters were apparently stunned by the number of long-term employees -- many with more than 25 years' service -- who applied for redundancy.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

The year 1969 saw Woodstock, the My Lai massacre and the first man on the moon. It was also the year Doug Anderson, The Sydney Morning Herald‘s iconic TV critic, started working at the paper as a proofreader.

Some 43 years later, Anderson — whose five-word review of Anger Management this week as “A program about a dickhead” sums up his sardonic style — is leaving the paper with a redundancy cheque that would make some lotto winners¬†jealous.

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6 thoughts on “Life after News, Fairfax: all about cheques and balances

  1. Holden Back

    “there favourite editor”- oops?

  2. David R

    I’m interested to see how many of those made redundant will continue contributing to the paper as freelancers. I’m sure there are many who took the redundancy package who will continue to be paid by Fairfax for a weekly column or other articles.

  3. joanjett

    I for one congratulate Doug Anderson for his well deserved payout. He is an admirable man. Apart from his unending wit and hilarious reviews which are always a must read, I had the fortune of making his aquaintence 10 years ago when he and his wife brought in about 10 youngsters with intellectual disabilities to the Tree Tops cafe at Taronga Zoo. A lovely man, his presence at the SMH will be sorely missed.

  4. Angel Tom

    You really do have to question the judgement of people who approve this sort of management. It is a ridiculous waste of money. It leaves all the staff who were refused a jackpot steaming. And it makes the younger staff wonder what the fxlk they are doing.
    Oh, yes. And it is unlikely to please shareholders.
    Off with their heads, Mdme Gina!

  5. Handsome John

    The lunatics who’ve been running the asylum at newspapers for so long (led by the over-rated Hartigan and that blowhard Blunden at News and all the dimwits who’ve destroyed Fairfax) and their successors are driving nails in the coffin with these absurd payouts. I took one because it’s a lot of free money but mainly because I see no future for newspapers in their current incarnation.

  6. Steve777

    If you’re approaching retirement and the organisation which you have loyally serve for decades seems to be falling apart, why wouldn’t you take the money and run.

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