Crikey, inspired by TV host Carrie Bickmore’s rather unfortunate rendering of the word “Qantas” this week, has decided to compile some of the most memorable media gaffes we can remember. So sit back and enjoy these moments when journalists and hosts reveal they are, indeed, only human.

But was it even a mistake? Let the online conspiracies begin!

Don’t forget SBS World News presenter Ricardo Goncalves, whose “light-hearted banter” went live to air in South Australia and Queensland (that effort earned an apology from the broadcaster).

We can’t help but admire this rather swift snide remark Belinda Heggen slips to Mark Aiston on Channel Ten News.

And then there is this recent and rather spectacular stuff-up (you’ll need to watch til 2’32 for the coin drop moment for hapless host Sarah Murdoch).

Pronunciation and correct diction have been the enemy of many a professional newsreader. Back in 1963 a Japanese tuna boat, the Fuku Maru, ran aground on Middleton Reef off the NSW coast. It was the lead item on the ABC 7pm TV news, and the newsreader, who was extremely anxious about correctly pronouncing the words of the vessel, spent a considerable time in a quiet room that  afternoon rehearsing the first part of the story – “”The Japanese vessel Fuku Maru was stranded off the NSW coast today … The Japanese vessel Fuku Maru was stranded off the NSW coast today…” he repeated to himself.

The news started and he got it right, well, sort of : “The Japanese vessel Fuku Maru was fucked off the NSW coast today …”.

Then there was this memorable day at the Hobart Mercury; it was AFL finals time and the nightly deadline had passed, and a stressed sub went to write “in the cut-throat final …” in the picture caption on the back page. Except that was not what he wrote. He added an accidental “n” into “cut-throat”, in exactly the wrong place.

The sub in question, a lovely man who we’re not naming here, came in the next day (on his day off) to answer the calls of outrage. The paper became an instant collector’s item. When the sub left The Merc, his kind colleagues presented him with a bottle of quality shiraz, with a tailor-made label … of the offending pic and caption.

Crikey came across this compilation of BBC newsreader blunders, which we thought you’d like to see.

But oh, when social media backfires! Chrysler sacked its social media agency after this appeared on its official Twitter feed. It was reportedly intended for the employee’s personal feed. Oops indeed.

And lastly, forget PDA’s, PDH’s (Public Displays of Hatred) are much more entertaining, like this one from this lovebird on Sunrise.

Know of any more great media gaffes? Add them into the comments stream below and provide a link, if you can, so others can take a look.