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Aug 30, 2012

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46 thoughts on “Mrs Rinehart vs The ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot

  1. moi aussie

    Fabulously perfectly on the money!
    Oz, a land of whingers, where the
    richest, are the whinger-est!
    Long may the Land Girt By Sea
    And Long May the Bandicoot
    Dance for One and All!

  2. paddy

    Dear FD. You are not only a national treasure, you also make a damn fine class warrior.
    To the barricades dogonaught comrades!

    P.S. Bonus points for resisting managerial attempts to silence Bandi.
    Cooties rulz!

  3. JosieK

    I love it that you can sum up a nuanced and complicated argument in a single sentence, Mr Doggie: “Just FYI, that is also called batshit crazy”. Zactly!

  4. khtagh

    Go FD
    Miss piggy speaks, or “rent a tent, formal attire hire” to her friend.

    But is anyone listening?

  5. Holden Back

    Retiring to spend more time with her family?

  6. Crumpet

    First Dog on the Money, as always.

  7. zut alors

    Jealous of Gina Rinehart’s wealth? She’s a good advertisement for not being amongst the 1%.

    In case any Dogonauts missed this capitalism joke in Richard Farmer’s column on Tuesday, read on:

    An American passes by a Romanian who is sitting by a lake taking in the view.

    “What are you doing?” asks the American.

    “Nothing, just looking at the lake,” comes the reply.

    “Well you could at least get yourself a rod and do some fishing,” says the American.

    “Why would I do that?” asks the Romanian.

    “You could eat some of the fish and sell the rest. You’d make a bit of cash.”

    “But why would I do that?” insists the Romanian.

    “With the money, you could buy a boat and catch even more fish.”

    “Yes, but why would I do that?”

    “You’re too much.” The American is exasperated. “With the money you could buy a boat, and then you could employ people to catch fish. You wouldn’t have to do anything. You could just sit there watching the lake.”

    “But that is exactly what I’m doing.”

  8. klewso

    She may not be a National’s Treasure
    [“Like a Rinehart Cowboy,
    riding out on a horse in a star spangled rodeo”]
    – but she controls what happens to a lot of it?

  9. Just Me

    I endorse First Dog. A Dog even Cats can dig.

    A Cat.

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