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Aug 30, 2012



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46 thoughts on “Mrs Rinehart vs The ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot

  1. moi aussie

    Fabulously perfectly on the money!
    Oz, a land of whingers, where the
    richest, are the whinger-est!
    Long may the Land Girt By Sea
    And Long May the Bandicoot
    Dance for One and All!

  2. paddy

    Dear FD. You are not only a national treasure, you also make a damn fine class warrior.
    To the barricades dogonaught comrades!

    P.S. Bonus points for resisting managerial attempts to silence Bandi.
    Cooties rulz!

  3. JosieK

    I love it that you can sum up a nuanced and complicated argument in a single sentence, Mr Doggie: “Just FYI, that is also called batshit crazy”. Zactly!

  4. khtagh

    Go FD
    Miss piggy speaks, or “rent a tent, formal attire hire” to her friend.

    But is anyone listening?

  5. Holden Back

    Retiring to spend more time with her family?

  6. Crumpet

    First Dog on the Money, as always.

  7. zut alors

    Jealous of Gina Rinehart’s wealth? She’s a good advertisement for not being amongst the 1%.

    In case any Dogonauts missed this capitalism joke in Richard Farmer’s column on Tuesday, read on:

    An American passes by a Romanian who is sitting by a lake taking in the view.

    “What are you doing?” asks the American.

    “Nothing, just looking at the lake,” comes the reply.

    “Well you could at least get yourself a rod and do some fishing,” says the American.

    “Why would I do that?” asks the Romanian.

    “You could eat some of the fish and sell the rest. You’d make a bit of cash.”

    “But why would I do that?” insists the Romanian.

    “With the money, you could buy a boat and catch even more fish.”

    “Yes, but why would I do that?”

    “You’re too much.” The American is exasperated. “With the money you could buy a boat, and then you could employ people to catch fish. You wouldn’t have to do anything. You could just sit there watching the lake.”

    “But that is exactly what I’m doing.”

  8. klewso

    She may not be a National’s Treasure
    [“Like a Rinehart Cowboy,
    riding out on a horse in a star spangled rodeo”]
    – but she controls what happens to a lot of it?

  9. Just Me

    I endorse First Dog. A Dog even Cats can dig.

    A Cat.

  10. izatso?

    + 1 with the Huzzah !’s

  11. fractious

    Frame 7… and so say all of us.

    I’ve heard that your daily pictureskew output is at the top of Gina’s reading list Mr Dog, do please let us plebs down here in the cheap seats know what pearls of wisdom drip from her slavering maw issue forth from her wise and noble mind.

  12. Powerfox junior

    Why do I always get the feeling I’m missing some subliminal spelling in Bandi’s auteur c.f. the Village People…?

  13. drmick

    So that is what a SMH editorial would look like under the new regime.

  14. Andybob

    Personally I would have liked the ABCIDB to have involved a bit more date in the response, but I heartily endorse the sentiments made on my behalf.

  15. bluepoppy

    The dancing was lovely. We will come again.

  16. Andrew McMillen


  17. fractious

    I must say it’s rather disappointing to see the commentary space here quite so rapidly over-populated by all these poor people. Haven’t any of youse got jobs to go to, ya whingeing long-haired socialist layabouts? I’ve half a mind to cut the subsistence wage…

  18. Venise Alstergren

    Olé olé olé, olé the Dancing Bandicoot! Pasodobles all round….. and round.

    The Rhine maven bitter; why take it out on the public? No amount of money can buy luck. Nor, apparently, can it buy breeding and/or good looks.

  19. drovers cat

    Keep it up Ms Rinehart; the more we see of thoughtless room-temperature IQ conservatives embarassing themselves the better

    meanwhile … a cat? With horns? Bull.

  20. klewso

    You can save money by disinheriting your kids too.

  21. zut alors

    One thing in which she won’t invest is her own gene pool. Says it all.

  22. Steve777

    Great stuff. Australians are the hardest working people in the OECD. Many have to work long and hard just to raise a family and have a place to live. Not much time to socialise in the pub.

    But the biggest whingers? Business leaders who think they have to pay the people who make them wealthy too much. Miners who don’t want to pay more to the owners of the stuff they dug up and sell at huge profit for themselves. Wealthy people who, in spite of being able to hide their income and assets (legally of course) in complex company and trust structures, still whinge about paying too much tax.

  23. klewso

    “Salvation through penury”? Hallelujah and Hands-on-Cocks.

  24. drmick

    So Ms Creosote thinks we should be mining her own business?
    Working hard and being reborn the children of a billionaire. Didn’t work for her children. We know she isn’t speaking from experience.

  25. ernmalleyscat

    The only thing I have in common with Gina is
    I dig National Treasures.

  26. michael matusik

    i must be guilty for not working hard enough – it is my birthday, i have been at work since 6.30am and i made time to read every comment here – SLACKER!!!!!!!!!!! and i won’t go home until 7pm, ohhh and i just paid a bucket load of dough to the ATO (hey that was in rhyme) and i haven’t been to a pub in years plus GINA i am looking forward to working on saturday too but only to keep my little business alive and my staff employed

  27. Mike Smith

    @DrMick: She didn’t get to be a billionaire by working hard, she did it on her back. With, I suggest, a paper bag over her head.

  28. fractious

    “Australians are the hardest working people in the OECD”

    I know (sigh). Whatever happened to us that we forewent the custom of the traditional Aussie Bludge? Oh the shame…

  29. Dan Gulberry

    I decided to follow Mrs Rinehart’s advice and left the pub immediately and following in her footsteps, worked hard to ensure that my dad’s fortune didn’t go to that Filipino gold-digger he married.

    I then realised that my dad didn’t marry a Filipino gold-digger, and that he doesn’t have a fortune anyway.

    Sigh. Back to the pub.

  30. godotcab

    If all it takes is hard work, sacrifice and enterprise, then why isn’t every woman in Africa richer than Gina Reinhart?

  31. drmick

    Just had a look at Huff Post and the Beast & they are reporting the Reginer the Miner spray. Interestingly they quote our treasurer, (and Fearless Fly look-alike), as saying what she said was a “bit rich”. LOL

  32. Crispy

    I am late again. I had Dog for breakfast. And it was one of the best. Yes, people who inherit several hundred million from their dads really have to put in the hard yards to make a bit more. If only I was that enterprising. Keep flinging the barbs, Firsty!

    Just dropped in for a bit of a fawn. That is all. (Happy Birthday for yesterday, Michael M)

  33. TheFamousEccles

    Well, I’ve had a bit of a think about what Reiner the Miner has had to spray, and on balance I still think I would rather scratch my nuts. Much more lucid and productive, and you can do it at the pub whilst haveing a whinge!

    Huzzah for the ABC IDB!

  34. klewso

    That’s a lot of smokes, grog & time spent in the members enclosure.
    It’d be a lot easier if we could get adopted by, or born to, rich families – especially when dad’s staked out half a state for what’s underneath it’s common wealth – till a boom breaks?

  35. izatso?

    @godotcab a neat point…… and I would posit that, in a non-material sense, many of these women do lead richer lives, and are stronger for it. also, there is the thing where, were any of us to win a motza on whatever, we might also get the chance to work harder than we ever had before ? Huzzah !

    (( many

  36. klewso

    I like a dig as much as anyone at these “hypocrites”, but personally I’m a bit reticent to have a go at her personal appearance (her one-way, selectively tailored “hand-maid morals” are another thing) – to me that means getting down and mixing it in the gutter with the Right and much of the starbored inclined msm (the way the “twisted sisters” are paid to go after Gillard, denigrating her appearance, to add colour to their influence on voter perception of fitness to govern, for when voting-time comes round) – and you never know what you might catch from them.

  37. Donna Truran

    Can we please have this as a FDOTM t-shirt ? 🙂

  38. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Sorry F.D , have been in a pub all week and have just got around to looking at your cartoon and saying Well Done !

  39. Gungaroo

    Yes Gina, and how about that lovely Aboriginal women who is your older sister? I’m sure she has worked hard all her life – but for what?

  40. Peter Ormonde

    Repent Mr Dog!

    You know it is your place in the world to just lie there whimpering while beautiful self-made people like Gina kick you in your nether regions.

    It starts with careful and wise selection of parents. Follow up with assiduous use of lawyers on foreign step devils. Turn them loose on the family. Kick them all.

    You people just don’t realise how hard it is all this kicking.

  41. klewso

    “Scrooge McRhinohide”?

  42. fractious

    You’re a cunning swine mr Firstdog, getting Gina to go on youtube like that and showing everybody what a greedy, arrogant so-and-so she is 🙂

    Here’s the thing Gina darling, if working in Africa for less than 2 bucks a day is so attractive, why don’t you phuq off over there for good. I’ll even chip in for your one-way cattle class flight on Air Zimbabwe.

  43. klewso

    Then again she could be half Right?
    All those years ago one of Lang’s billions of “seeds” (we never hear that much about his “promiscuity”, do we? Imagine if some poor bloke was running around “impregnating half the state”, what ACA or TT would make of it, like they’ve done of others?) had to swim the race of it’s life to get to that egg and fight off all comers, to create her?

  44. Andrew L

    Wonder what it is that attracts her to the “African Mining Business Model”? The ethics of Sierra Leone’s “blood diamond” industry? Or the industrial relattions and crowd-control techniques of the Suid Afrikan rozzers? She must have seen something she liked somewhere…

  45. Aaron F

    Well put DG. Like so many wealthy people who think their wealth came from hard work alone, they forget the $200 million inheritance they started with.

    Gina, if making money is so easy, sell all your assets and start a fresh (from nothing – including NO inheritance), show us all how it is done.

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