Forgetting about the homeless. Housing the homeless, I recall, was going to be one of the promised achievements of a Labor government when Kevin 07 was making the promises. And there was even a brief flurry when the global financial crisis struck to give the promise some substance by increasing government expenditure for the purpose. But, alas, the good intentions have faded away with the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures out today showing just how great has been the decline over the last couple of decades in the contribution by government in providing shelter.

In the year ended July the total number of dwelling units for the public sector at 2,348 was the lowest for any 12 month period since this statistical series has been published by the ABS. The public share of dwelling approvals for the year was just 1.6% of the total public and private approvals.

See how power works in this country.

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Not an ideal picture. Having been responsible for a few picture opportunity hiccups for politicians over the years (Bob Hawke arriving at the Opera House on the Admiral’s barge comes embarrassingly to mind) I feel well qualified to pass judgment on our Prime Prime Minister’s arrival at the conference of South Pacific leaders.

It was not a good look and makes even those Tony Abbott silly hat looks pale into insignificance.

Describing Mitt Romney. The overall impression of the newly anointed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney remain more negative than positive if an interesting survey by the Pew Research Center is anything to go by. People were asked to say one word that they thought best described the candidate and of the words offered 42% were classified as negative to 28% positive.

Afghan death toll. The count before the addition of three more (perhaps Australians) this morning:

A quote for the day.

“The Romney Programme for Economic Recovery, Growth and Jobs is like Fifty Shades of Grey without the s-x.”

— The Economist

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See how power works in this country.

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